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February 18, 2020
Last night as I was driving to our new home, it is a 5-hour drive and late at night. I was thinking about Wealthy Affiliate. Not my online business, but the Platform Wealthy Affiliate.I have come to realize how unique this platform is. I have been here since April 2019, and I am just learning how priceless it is here. Yes, I guess I am a slow learner (not really). I have a busy lifestyle so I try to dedicate about 2 hours a day on the platform/business, when I am not dozing on the couch.Wh
February 09, 2020
Costa Rica, BeautifulIt was everything I imagined and more! Even my husband had a great time. It took me 2 years to convince him to go there. And he is very glad he went. The above is a view from our beach, the waterfall was a hike to see, worth it.As for staying away from electronic devices, it was hard. Everyone seemed to sit around the beach or the pool with cell phones and laptops. I managed to stay away for a bit, but did manage to keep in touch with family. It was a refreshing break
January 28, 2020
I am beyond excited! My husband and I are off to Gauncaste, Costa Rica for a week. OMG! I have dreamed of this trip. So I will miss you all, but I don't want to touch an electronic device. Let's see if that is possible. We both need a nice break!!I hope everyone has a successful, healthy week. Looking forward to catching up when I return.Wanda
January 25, 2020
That pretty much sums up the week I just had. I did not get much business done on my website. And work was not good this week either.However, I have tomorrow! We need to take the bad days and realize that we just need to get thru them. How can you really appreciate the great days, if you never have any bad days.Tomorrow is the start of a new day! Next week will be so much better and brighter. Here's toPersistencePatiencePositivityEncouragementFocusSupportand those Great days!Wanda
January 18, 2020
So google has indexed another post for me. I do not usually write about my baby steps but individuals who are starting out need to know that it can be done here.I am a tortoise, had a few set backs that I let get away from me. No matter what the set back, get back at it!Your dreams are only dreams unless you build your path and then climb the mountains, PERSUE THOSE DREAMS.....only you can make them happen..Wanda
January 15, 2020
We all have the same amount of time in a day. It's how we utilize that time. I am a firm believer that if you ask a busy person to do something, they will somehow get it done. If you ask another who has more free time, they have more excuses as to why they can't do it. And usually don't help you out.So how much time do we have, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, a total of 168 hours in a week. A lot of us work full time, so that can be 37.5-60 hours a week. There are family commitments, co
Dreams Do Come True... but there are bumps along the way and possibly even landslides. Ya for me my latest dream, has been more of a landslide. But I still chuckle. My real estate agent just shakes her head at me. When things are out of our control, we really can't get bent out of shape. We need to focus on what we can do to improve the situation.Back in November, I posted about a retirement property my husband and I bought. We did the stupid thing, I would say impulsive, but it wasn't and
December 31, 2019
From the little town of Blyth, Ontario, Canada I wish you all the best in the new decade, 2020. I hope that your healthy, prosperous and reach those dynamic goals I have been reading about that everyone is setting for themselves.Here's to a Great 2020!Wanda
December 30, 2019
So this is short and sweet today!I have been ranked in the Top 200! WOW! This is quite an achievement for myself. I can't express my thanks enough for the support of this great community. I have grown so much, as an individual since I was introduced to WA. Thank you to everyone of you for making this possible. Thank you to Kyle, Carson & Jay for this unique and powerful platform. We have so much here to create a business and grow as individuals.Forever thankful and truly I feel blesse
We Are Nearly There.Yes, can you believe it, here in Canada it feels like winter has just begun and yet, our days are going to start getting longer... more sunlight ... how exciting!!!Mother nature, the controller of our environment, knows how to take care of us, although she certainly does challenge us.Here's to longer days, more sunlight, warmer days and the ending (or soon 2 months) of another season and I haven't even had the snowshoes out yet, next month.More sunlight = more energy = more