Random Jaaxy Referral – Upgrading?

Last Update: March 09, 2021

So, I'm going through my email today and I have a random Jaaxy referral!

I'm not even sure from where they enrolled. I really have to do a better job of tracking my links. I don't even market Jaaxy on my blog as I'm in the fitness and health niche.

The referral must have come from one of the numerous scattershot advertisements I've sprinkled across the Internet.

In any case, I definitely plan to engage with the referral and explain the benefits of Jaaxy.

I also plan to introduce them to Wealthy Affiliate.

One question:

If the referral enrolls as a paying member of Jaaxy and subsequently becomes a WA Premium Member, is their original subscription to Jaaxy automatically canceled (since they have access to Jaaxy Lite with their WA Premium membership)?

Or, are there some specific actions they need to take to cancel that independent Jaaxy membership?

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roysinOnline Premium Plus
Great news, William :-D

maxmillion18 Premium
Ah. Interesting question. And no doubt, a welcome surprise.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
That was a great surprise. I'd think that they would have to cancel the Jaaxy once the joined WA. But if they joined Jaaxy they probably have a website already do won't join WA necessarily.
Godstrong Premium
Helpful info sir. I used my jaaxy link on an article I posted on my site kc making money.com though am yet to have a referral. But is there other ways of spreading the link on internet as u said you did. Thanks for sharing this helpful article.
Christorv Premium Plus
Well well, that must have felt great. I hope they indeed stick around and become part of the community here. And hopefully you get more referrals of the sort 👍

In regards to question about enrolling, I did a search but didnt find anything. So I hope someone in the know can provide the answer to this too, since it is definitely a possibility for such a scenario. Maybe contact Kyle or one of the higher ups if nothing is posted
WilliamFW Premium
Somebody has to have had this issue before, right? Somewhere there's an answer.
Christorv Premium Plus
That somebody is site support, please contact them first. Or Kyle or Carson in their private messages- they may respond