First 1,000 Followers on Instagram.

Last Update: Nov 28, 2017


I am very excited because we just hit 1,000 followers on our Instagram for our fitness business, which is branded in my wife's name.

I have learnt a lot from this .. the biggest thing is that I know almost nothing about the workings of Instagram .. the more I find out the less I know, if that makes sense.

Just as a note .. the Followers have all come organically and we do not follow people as a practice to gain followers. All Instagram Posts also go to our Facebook Page which has over 14,000 on it.

In the last 8 weeks we have been getting enquiries from Instagram and that is now running at 10+ per week.

Now to get it to 10,000 Followers!

Stay Focused, Move Forward.

Cheers, William.

Recent Comments


Bravo you two! Instagram is awesome.

Thanks so much Steven .. Cheers, William.


Thank you so much, Tania. Cheers, William.


Great inspiration. Congrats!


Thank you David .. Cheers, William.

Good afternoon William,

I can imagine how exciting that must be for you both.
Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Thanks so much Taetske .. yes it is. Cheers, William.

Congrats, this is great! Instagram is an area I need to focus on too, just has not been the time to do so...BUT, I hear that used correctly, it can provide a lot of business for you...

Having said that, it will be some time yet before actual sales attributed to the social platforms catches up to the more traditional means such as email marketing...

Nonetheless, I think of it as an investment and by tapping into it now as you are doing, once you figure out how best to monetize it, you will be ready to rock and roll!

Dave : )

Thanks David .. yes our thinking was the same as yours .. it takes time to build it up. We started a little over a year ago and we had just over 1 follower a day adding and now we are running at 3+ a day. I think it will be another year before it is a significant source of business. But it is bringing something is already and it is FREE.

That is really great! : )

That's amazing. Sound like your studio will be pretty full.
I haven't dipped my toes into Instagram, don't do much of Facebook either, some of those entries are soooo boring.
Good work William.
Cheers, Jae

Thanks Jae .. yes our classes are growing :) I don't like social media either but it brings in business! Cheers, William.

Great insight.

Thank you .. Cheers, William.

That is great going. All organic too. I have to up my Instagram game for sure.
With Grace and Gratitude

Love you attitude Karen, thank you .. Cheer, William.


Thanks John .. Cheers, William.

Congratulation! Excellent result.

Thanks Nadezda .. Cheers, William.

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