New and different Affiliate Program for sites in the fashion niche

Last Update: December 24, 2016

I came across this press release recently for a new affiliate program in the fashion niche that may be worth your attention.

What makes this one a little different is that you can get paid commission by buying through your own affiliate link. Here's what they say....

"SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to trendy and contemporary fashions Trendsgal is the place to shop. The company stocks a huge catalog of the latest fashions. Unlike other fashion e-commerce sites, Trendsgal looks to make profits by selling a large amount of inventory at low prices, rather than a few products at high prices. This makes Trendsgal a great place for customers looking to save money. Product quality is another sticking point of Trendsgal's business model. All products sold go through a rigorous screening process to ensure they are on par with industry standards. These reasons make Trendsgal one of the fastest growing and most shopped at sites in the world. Trendsgal is looking for more ways to conquer the market and give back to its loyal customers, today the company is proud to announce its new affiliate marketing program. The new affiliate marketing program will allow anyone to sign up and sell Trendsgal products. The company offers high commissions and great benefits for sellers.

offering an 18% cap. Affiliate partners never have to worry about making sales, or putting in more time than they can afford. Trendsgal lets sellers sell as much or as little as they can, there is extreme flexibility and partners can pick their hours.

Affiliate partners have some of the best perks in the industry. Unlike other affiliate programs, Trendsgal allows partners to buy through their own affiliate links. This allows the partner to make money back through commission and save even more. Affiliate partners can take things even further by using the program to buy gifts for friends or family. There are no real restrictions on who to sell to, as long as the partner can make the sale they will get commission.

Anyone interested in the new Trendsgal affiliate program can sign up today or contact them at affiliate(at)Trendsgal(dot)com. A direct link to the program can be found at the footer of the Trendsgal website.

Related link:"

This could be an opportunity for B2B fashionistas.

What I love about the Wealthy Affiliate community is this....they gotcha back! Moments after I published this post I was notified by a valued member to see the unhappy feedback from Trendsgal customers. You can read the feedback here....(Thanks Ian)

Read the reviews from upset customers here. . .

If you know of other reliable affiliate programs who do allow their affiliates to buy through their own links, maybe you can share them with us?

Go far and go well from janelle.

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MKearns Premium
Great industry to affiliate with and niche to select!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
IMc Premium
Read the reviews from upset customers first. . .
gmegs Premium
Just checked out sitejabber - whoa! Trendsgal is looking a little like the plague by the reviews.
Merry Christmas Ian!
whitsunday Premium
Thanks Ian. I have modified my post to include this information. J
whitsunday Premium
Yes I followed Ian's lead to the complaints. It's not pretty. I'm hoping other members can suggest other programs who offer to pay selfy links. J
onmyownterms Premium
Nenad Premium
If this is true, it is very nice.
I will contact them straight away.

Many thanks for this!
whitsunday Premium
Hi Nenad. Please view the addition I made to this post.
Nenad Premium
I did and this is something to be concerned about.