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Last Update: February 13, 2017

A lot of people think the free websites we give out here at WA are a lesser quality product. It's just one of those human misconceptions that free stuff is junk. They think that siterubix free sites are incapable of capturing organic search.


Organic traffic is following the trail you leave them. Or , looking at it from another angle, you are capturing traffic by providing what they search for.

It is said that people don't like to see weird TLDs like .siterubix and that they all prefer .com domains anyday.


If a searcher finds the information they're after on a free domain, they don't care. They just want what they want. They will spend time on a siterubix site if it looks trust worthy and professional.


See in the link below a WA siterubix site that gets good increases in organic traffic.

Then come back here to find out below how you can do it too.

A .siterubix website IS NOT THE RUNT OF THE LITTER!

To make a .siterubix domain get organic traffic you need to treat it the same as you would treat a paid domain.

Choose a decent domain name, even if its free!

  • The name must be simple and relevant to the subject of the website.
  • Use keyword research to find a good name.
  • Or cleverly brand it, but not too clever that no one else gets it!

Stick to your keyword research training,

  • find decent MSVs (>100 )
  • find low competition keywords and phrases (<100)

Stick to your SEO training,

  • meta tags
  • meta descriptions.
  • image alt tags
  • H1, H2, H3 informative paragraph titles
  • obvious CTAs in text and buttons
  • internal links
  • external authority links

Stick to you content training,

  • write consistently using a mixture of long (2000 to 3000 words and medium posts (800 to 1200 words), some evergreeens and some current topics
  • quality, original, relevant content
  • enriched with quality images, videos, info graphs
  • format the content so its easy to look at and easy to skim
  • make important points stand out so that skimmers get your drift

Continue your social sharing as you would a paid domain,

  • create facebook, twitter, instagram, Google+ and YouTube accounts for your siterubix site
  • share every post on the appropriate channels
  • schedule regular top up posting
  • interact with social media

Treat your free .siterubix domain like a spoilt little puppy, give it lots of love and it will repay you.

It takes time to grow organic traffic numbers the same as it does with a .com. Don't think it is your TLD that is holding up progress.

PS If at a later date you REALLY want a .com extension on your free site, it is possible to migrate it over. Hey, anything is possible, it's the internet!

Tell us your experiences with a free website. Did you give it a good home?

Go far, go well and go get a free website!

Janelle, The Cashed Up Nomad.

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Loes Premium
Content stays KING
WilliamBH Premium
Well written Janelle .. excellent stuff. Cheers, William.
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Why, ThankYou Sir!
LeonardG Premium
Thanks! Great! You absolutely right. HQ Content counts! Just what you have posted here! LOL
whitsunday Premium
True That, Leonard. Thanks for commenting. J
verazhelvis Premium
Love your sense of humour-"Or cleverly brand it, but not too clever that no one else gets it!"
Great article! Thanks.
whitsunday Premium
Aw Vera I try hard to keep it light. It's only life after all! J
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AchuthanN1 Premium
Excellent training my friend. Thank you for sharing.
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You are so welcome. Don't hold back on the free sites. J