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Hey... I'm a 44 year old dad and jazz guitarist / guitar instructor. My real name is Pete. I'm real good at what I do







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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

had a little payment glitch for a few days, had to resubscribe. kept all my followers, my invites, my websites and everything. BUT my rank dropped from 275th to 130694. That doe

Dont Worry it will stabilize and catch up give it time!

Mine has gone up and down by as much as 5 points, but it was due to how often I participated in discussions. Sometimes you have more time than other times. Wheatstraw, I am sure it's going to go back up really fast.
Personally, I help when I can, and because I think I know things that I reply to, not to get better ranking.
Whatever you learned here is going to stay with you regardless of your ranking. so don't stress over it. Cheer up..

Hi wheatstraw, what causes the drop, i too notice that my rank has also drop from 395 to 399, there must be a reason but do you know? or does anyone know, care to share with us.

As per my reply to Wheatstraw, my ranking fluctuates too, but to be honest, it's not something that influences how I do things here.

I feel your pain, Pete. But don't let this demoralize you. Once you get back being active, you'll see yourself flying again.

Good luck with everything.

Ranking here really doesn't affect your business at all, so I wouldn't worry. It fluctuates based on how active you are here, within WA community.

I know, Gordi, I get that. It's not like it's ruining my life or anything. Lol. But the ENORMOUS drop in my rank was due not to inactivity but to the fact that I couldn't make a payment because of Christmas and my account went into a sort of suspended state where I didn't have access to premium for only like 3 days. I made the payment as soon as I could, and when i did my access resumed. I kept every other aspect of my account intact except for the rank.

Now to be honest, I am approaching this perhaps a little differently than some. I have been taking some time to go through bootcamp slowly, and have several affiliate blogs up and running with which my engagement ebbs and flows. I don't anticipate makign much by the way of money off the affiliate thing for a while, because a big chunk of my time and energy has been and is being devoted to growing my web presence for the purposes of increasing my income by growing my local guitar instruction business. I have reaped many benefits to that effect by being here - where I had no website for that teaching business before, I am now signing up new students who I have reached through my website and web advertising.

Point being, I am slowly learning about affiliate marketing but that is secondary to the other stuff I am doing. I just enjoyed watching my rank go from 8000 to 5000 to 800 to 600 to 400 and on down to 160 at it's best. It was my little reward for putting in a lot of hours engaging and trying to help everyone I could. I realize I could get it back, just am super-busy right now with new work coming in.

You are right, it doesn't matter to my business. It only mattered to my silly little ego. Nonetheless, I will say it again, a little differently this time: "I don't think it is fair that you lose your rank entirely because of a little financial glitch. We are all here trying to make money and I bet a lot of us are struggling and that's why we ended up here. I didn't close my account, I paid the fee and my membership resumed. My rank should have changed only as much as it would have from 3 days of inactivity or whatever it was."

That's all I'm saying, my friends! Just making a point.


Those lower down numbers fluctuate pretty quickly, so I think you can get it up with a few comments and participation in chat.

Ranking on here is an indication of how active you are with regard to helping, writing content on here and being active. If you do these things, it will come back up pretty rapidly. The ranking is just an arbitrary number. It doesn't really help you other than show you where you stand with activity on here.

Doing the lessons doesn't count as far as I can tell, except when you get into the discussion areas associated with the lessons.

The education you are getting from here and what you learn from it is the REAL meter of your progress.

Being away from here for the few days, how ever long that was, is why your rank dropped. I wouldn't put too much into it. It will come back on its own if you do what you've been, you'll see.


I'm not that concerned about it. But I had enjoyed watching it rise. Being away for the three days since my account was frozen is not why my rank dropped 130000 places though. i would take 2-3 days off quite regularly without dropping much at all. Just seems silly. Actually, it is silly. Sometimes times are tough. Regardless of how much one cares about ranking, for me it was a small satisfaction for a lot of hard work, while still not really seeing much of a monetary reward. Honestly, I doubt I will become that active again. At this point I am probably going to continue to use WA as a hosting solution because I have 4 or 5 websites, so it's affordable, and I can make beta sites under the siterubix domain, which is convenient.

So yes, the drop to the bottom in rank does leave a mildly bitter taste in my mouth. It takes a little wind out of the sails.

I can see how that would be annoying and discouraging, you not having any control over what happened with your rank, but Nathaniell, above, raises a good point. Having been there already, and in those lower numbers, they do fluctuate quickly and I don't think it will take much to bring your ranking back up. I wager in a week's time at most, you will find yourself back where you were with your rank but you have to compensate for the loss. Life is not fair sometimes and there's little you can do about it, except to get busy.

I would rather the ranking wasn't here at all for the sake of that being the motive for helping and being active, albeit, it is there.

Being helpful on here, in my experience, has been a very rewarding way for me to "pay it forward." It's not something I came here with but learned it here.

Don't let the ranking on here determine whether or not you are active on here. It is a motivator. It should not be your sole motivation to help and be active in here though. Sometimes it's like Shutes & Ladders. It doesn't seem fair, and sometimes life isn't.

The name of the game in any business is in how much you are willing to pay it forward to customers, members here, and all other human relationships in business, not a scoring system. The REAL game is "out there" not in here.

The mechanics of an online business aside, I have learned more from Wealthy Affiliate in this business of helping others in need, than anyplace else I've ever been. But many of us have fallen into the rank thing at one time or another.

Your rank will come back again. You'll see.

You will be back down in a couple of days, I think

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rss help

rss help

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Everything Wordpress

I tried to set up my rss widgets in both my music sites, Fretfinger.com and PeteWalrath.com, to feed from each other. This worked for a couple days until they both broke. Hostin

sweet, found another plugin that works with the existing server situation.

Why do you want the rss to feed each other? You mean that you want one RSS to post the other blog, like syndicating your content? I'm not sure if this has any benefits for your site.

one of my sites is for local guitar instruction. the other is a music theory and professional advice blog. i don't want to clutter up my local instruction site too much with all the other music education niche stuff, but want that info to be accessible on the local lessons site on some level not as prominently. hence the rss feed. it's a practical matter, not something I am doing for SEO.

I don't mean to prevent you from doing what you want, but I would just put an ad on each site that links to the other site. Some folks speculate that linking sites you own in not advisable, but if there's a practical reason for it, it won't be an issue.

Other than that, I'd maybe look into plugins that can aggregate rss feeds from other sites. Were you planning on displaying it in a widget?

Do you know how to find the RSS feed of a site? I'm sure there are plenty of 'done for you' solutions. Unfortunately, this isn't something I've done before, but the first thing I'd do if I wanted to would be to search for a plugin, and maybe display the feed in a sidebar widget.

Yeah, the wordpress installation at wealthy affiliate comes with a stock rss widget. the issue I'm having is with the new security WA has implemented for their hosting, which was preventing the feed from displaying. Still wrangling back and forth with support. They moved both these sites to the same server, hoping that resolves the issue. just waiting for the dns to catch up. Fingers crossed.

Glad to hear that support was able to figure this out for you.

support has not yet figured this out for me as far as I can see. they marked the tickets resolved but 24 hours later still not working. hard to get those guys to communicate much, huh?

I personally haven't dealt with support much, so I can't say. I'm also not 100% sure what you are trying to do, so I'm sure I'm not that much of help either :)

I'm sorry I don't know anything about rss, yet if I come across anything I'll let you know.

Who are you hosting through? And are both sites hosted at the same place?

hosting through WA. and yes, both of them are hosted here.

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