One month on feeling excited

Last Update: February 18, 2015

Here we are folks, one month on and one developing website .I am not new to websites ,but having the back up of everyone here is ,as they say in America "awesome". I have trawled myself through many companies and platforms over the last five years, all with negative results and somehow missed W A ,until one month ago I came across it , registered , read and watched the videos. I knew this was the way and the icing on the cake is that you use wordpress. My website is developing nicely and I will wait some time before I put in any affiliate links ,as per your advice and Google will be nice to me, as in the past I have spent a fortune with adwords to get noticed, blogging is the way. I have carried a lot of my life experiences in my head and now I am a compulsive blogger, the words just flow out. may I just say a special thanks to Nathaniell for taking me under his wing, when I ask a question ,he is always first up with the answer .

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nathaniell Premium
I'm glad you are making progress with your site, despite a bit of a hiccup with the sitemap thing. As you move forward, these issues will be less and less, and you can start focusing more on content and moving up in the ranks :)
Kyle Premium
Sounds like you are making some amazing progress John, kudos to you on your hard work thus far. SO glad you are enjoying the community here at WA and I can assure you that things are only going to get better with what we have planned in the year ahead.

Onwards and upwards!
hectoroliver Premium
My best wishes for your success.
AndyJ Premium
All the best!
kevinmj Premium
Congrats! Wishing you every success. :)