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One of the things that can set us apart from the competition in business is knowing how to listen to others.

When you actually listen to someone, they feel validated and understood. Or at least that is the hope. And you end up learning invaluable information in the process.

But in reality, listening is a skill that most of use could use a little practice. However, it is something that is well worth the effort.

To "listen" and to "hear" are two different things. According to the dictionary, the word listen means to, "give one's attention to a sound."

This is different than the word hear which means to, "perceive with the ear the sound made by (someone or something)."

In other words when you hear someone or something, you are actively in the process of determining what your ears have picked up. When you listen, you are engaging in paying attention to said person or sound.

Not being listened to can be incredibly frustrating over time. It is near impossible to solve issues without listening. And this will not bode well in business or personal life if it is done on a continuous basis.

Practicing your listening skills will help you master good communication.

Many people simply do not realize that they talk over others (in anticipation of how they will respond), cut others off, or simply do not absorb conversation that is coming their way.

I encounter this type of behavior almost daily and it is one of my pet peeves. So, I try to be conscious of letting others finish their thoughts so I can digest what's been said and respond accordingly.

Conversation with others is a two-way street, whether you are actually speaking in person or through the written word. As one person told me, that's why we were given two ears (or two eyes) and one mouth - do double the listening and half the talking!

Best of all, you can quickly diffuse an elevated situation by simply being quiet. Listen to what others tell you.

If you work at your listening skills, you will undoubtedly have the chance to see a situation from another person's perspective.

Who knows? You might even learn something new.

What do you think? How important is it to be listened to in your life?

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Not being listened to is most frustrating. I once belonged to a marketing group that met weekly, and sometimes more often! So many times I was talked over, and it was so unpleasant that eventually I left them to do their own thing! There are those that believe they know it all when, in fact, they no very little!

A great subject, Susan. Thank you.

Hi Valerie…thanks for sharing your story. I couldn’t agree more. Being talked over, particularly by those who like to hear themselves, is beyond frustrating…rude. Glad you enjoyed the read. :-)

Thanks so much Susan for your reply. Here I am talking about others, and I've taken so long to respond to you. Unfortunately, during last year I developed something that hinders me! It is osteoarthritis which is extremely painful. I'm focusing on the positive and trusting that helps me to regain my activity within the WA community. I hope all is going well with you, Susan. Best wishes :)

I’m so sorry to hear that, Valerie. That is such a painful condition. I hope that you can get some help for that. I’m very glad to hear from you. Keep in touch. Please take good care of yourself. Best wishes also! 🙏

Thank you so much, Susan for your kind response. Greatly appreciated! Today is my first time at the computer since my previous message to you. Hopefully I will find a way to overcome the extreme pain. I try to focus on the positive. I will keep in touch! 🙏

You’re most welcome, Valerie, I have a friend who’s dealing with that as well and it’s so difficult. I wish there were more things that could help. Staying positive and do take care! You’re in my thoughts. 🙏

Thanks so much for your kindness and understanding, Susan. I feel for your friend and understand the difficulty. If only there was a way! I'm trying to keep positive and focus on my websites but little action is happening. However, I will not give up. I'll do my best to create and publish a post on WA within the new week. It is almost six months since the last one! It will need to be full of cheer, so that gives me something to aim for.

You’re very welcome, Valerie! It’s so nice to hear from you. I feel for you…if you ever want to reach out, feel free. Sending some cheer and positive energy your way! 😊

Such a lovely message, Susan. Thank you so much for the cheer and positive energy. That is just what I need. I had got so down to it recently and felt I had a choice! So I chose the positive side of life and I'm sure that came from the energy you sent me. Very special! 😊

And you deserve every bit of positive energy, Valerie! I’m so happy to hear that. Sending more smiles and hugs your way! 🤗

Absolutely wonderful, Susan!
You are a true friend. Sincere thanks for the smiles and hugs. They help me tremendously! 😊

I’m so glad, Valerie. You’ve brightened my day as well. I’m off to bed but I hope you have a lovely day. And you do have a friend in me. 🤗

Yes, I certainly do have a friend in you, Susan. I feel truly blessed! You have a good night's sleep; you deserve it. Take care and we'll catch up again soon. 🤗

That sounds awesome, Valerie. I appreciate you. I’ll PM you soon. Cheers. 🤗

When giving coworkers instructions, they really need to listen for we could get so much more done so much faster if they heard what I thought I said.

So I have been working on my communication skills and part of that is learning how to listen and man is that a tuff one at first. Never realized just how bad I was at that skill, no wonder I am single. Hahaha. Just messing.

In business, learning that skill and mastering it makes a big difference in many areas, one I am still attacking and learning myself.

I am loving WA so much over the years, first notification in my email from WA is this post and a perfect post to ponder it is.

In everything I do I always remind myself of this, I do not want to be better than anyone else out there, only better than I was yesterday.

And learning gets me there!

Thanks for the post, you Rock!!

The Zam Man.

Thanks so much for your kind words, Scott. That is awesome to hear. Listening is a skill we can practice over time and it makes such a difference to all parties. This subject is one I think about often, so I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I appreciate your time, Zam Man. :-)

A great read Susan! Being a true listener is not a skill that can be learnt overnight in my opinion!

I'm certainly with you there on your pet peeve, I come across this every single day... why can't some people just LISTEN instead of butting in without letting others finish what they have to say??

And worst of all, they haven't actually LISTENED to a word the other person has said anyway!!

I could go on, but... I won't!

Have a fantastic start to the weekend my friend!


Yes, Nick! You and I are on the same page. I totally agree and we could have a great chat about it I’m sure! 😂 Take care and enjoy the start of Frisatsu. 😊

We most definitely could my friend!

Take care and enjoy a fabulous Frisatsu as well Susan!!


Thanks Nick! 🤗🤗

Thanks to you my friend!



I completely agree! Listening is a superpower in disguise. It not only shows that you value the person you're speaking with but also helps you gain a new perspective and valuable insights. It's a win-win! And let's be real, who wouldn't want to feel heard and understood? But, it's easier said than done.

Yes…so true! It’s the core to many things. It is not always easy, but worth being aware of so we can work on it. Thanks for taking time to comment. :-)

Hi Susan, excellent points here.

My ears don't work but my eyes do the listening by reading words people wrote on paper or by lipreading them. I do not always get the full details if people talk too fast. I have to tell them to slow down because I am Deaf. I can't hear. They will say, "oh I am sorry, I didn't know, never mind." I'm like what? They did not want to repeat it so they will say, "never mind," instead.

For me, that's an insult. It's like they look down on me and pity me because I can't hear. I will again pursue them and say in my voice, I can talk but it's not perfect. I will either write or talk by saying "come on, knock it off, don't pity me, please tell me what you just said, if you don't then how am I going to know, I will assume that you think your conversation is not important, it is important to you so please inform me, otherwise you can leave, I won't deal with people who say, "never mind," all the time. I am an intelligent being, not stupid."

I realize my bluntness made them beet red in the face. If they were sincere, they will truly tell me if they don't then that's their loss, not mine. My top issue is that communication is important just as listening skills are. In my case, listening may be different because you have two ears that function normally.

My listening skills in the Deaf community are different. We sign back and forth using our hands to communicate. The communication is same as talking with speech but talking is with our hands instead.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Hi Brenda! Thanks for sharing your perspective. I truly appreciate learning your viewpoint as I was aware you are deaf. I can imagine you’ve seen it all. People can be very ignorant when they don’t understand…and sometimes even when they do unfortunately. I learned how to sign the alphabet along with a few basic phrases as a child and will a never forget. It’s important to always keep learning.

Have a great day!

Thats cool. You too have a great day.

Hi, Susan

You have hit upon a critical skill! Listening is not physiologic, like hearing. It needs to be practiced and developed.

I became very good at listening in my role as a physician. One of the first things I teach medical students is that if you let the patient talk and listen closely, they'll tell you what's wrong with them and give the information you need to do a proper examination and order the correct diagnostics. Of course, I always get a funny look, but medical history is critical!

Listening can make everything easier and make us more successful in all endeavors. 😎

Frank 🎸

Hi Frank! Thank you for sharing that…I would think listening would be key for a doctor/patient relationship and it’s good to know that message still exists in this noisy world. Good on you for teaching that. A patient’s history is totally critical.

Most appreciated for reading your perspective. Keep on rockin’! 😎🎸

Thanks, Susan

Yeah, students want to talk to the patient for 30 seconds and move directly to the fancy tests! I'm sure I was the same way. 😎

Frank 🎸

That seems the way these days…here’s the rx, there’s the test. Thanks, Frank! 🎸

Haha, You're right, Susan. 🤷‍♂️

Frank 😎🎸

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