Progress Report for April 2019

Last Update: May 01, 2019

Last month I posted my goals for April. I'm disappointed to say I haven't met them. I'm not going to make excuses for why these goals went unmet because the reasons don't change the fact that I didn't reach my goals.

I appreciate the great support and suggestions I got last month when I shared my goals, and I feel I've let you down.

Please know that regardless of April's discouraging results, I appreciate that you're there to share experience and offer accountability.

I'll be posting goals for May soon and I resolve to do better in the upcoming month.

All the best,


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nurselizstar Premium
worries Wendy. I am probably the worst offender of goals with "Life got in my way" as an excuse. I totally respect your resolve to do better in May. I find if I can't reach the goal I originally set up, next time break it down in smaller pieces which usually makes the goals more plausible. Be happy!
Yay Us Indeed!! 🌟
LLettau1 Premium
When I find myself in that position, I try to shake it off and think about all good things that I have going for me. Sometimes little small daily goals work better than a monthly goal. We can so easily say that we will do better tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.
Eliz65 Premium
Sounds like you just had a little blip in the road. Looking forward to hearing your new goals in May.
quints Premium
Just stay motivated!!
JosephL86 Premium
Keep your momentum going...never give up
Talk2Ray Premium
Better to try and fail than to fail to try.
EandS2018 Premium
Pastordna Premium
Its Okay Wendy, we all have one challenge or the other from time to time BUT the important thing is... do we have the RESOLVE to excel!?

If that is there then we can lear. From our past failures and turn them to some stepping stones for tomorrows success.

ShihTzuSteve Premium
Wendy, we set goals to give us a target to aim at and we usually set those goals to the maximum of our capabilities to stretch us to the next level. What we don’t allow for is the unexpected. Something else in our lives that is very important may come along and unavoidably take us away from our focus and we get behind. Because we have set our goals to the maximum we can never make up for lost time.
What I am saying is, don’t worry if, for some reason, you get behind and don’t let it get you down. There’s always this brand new month!
Best wishes to you,
WendyMx Premium
Thanks so much for your wise words, Steve. They're just what I needed to hear!
EddySalomon Premium
It's okay if you don't reach the goals. Just keep pushing forward.
WendyMx Premium
I appreciate your support, Eddy!
BrendaE1 Premium
Hi Wendy!

Don’t fret over it! When you fall you get up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

Don’t look at it as failing or letting anyone down. Look at it as a small bump in the road to success!

Chin up and work toward meeting and exceeding those goals for May!😉

WendyMx Premium
Thanks for the positive and inspiring message, Brenda! I like the way you think!
JamesNewton Premium
Hi Wendy....

No worries on April’s performance. All things are able to teach us ... and even ‘I am not going to do that again!!!’ is a positive instructional outcome!

I operate by making lists .... and sometimes my lists are incredibly long... or a ’simple’ task ‘create world peace’ 😝 maybe short to list but are long in their outworking 🙄

Just keep ‘moving’ and remember the parable of the tortoise and the hare 😎

WendyMx Premium
So good to read your encouraging take on what happened. You're right about the learning opportunity! Thanks, Jim!
MelAnnLogsdo Premium
Wendy don't come down on yourself to bad,We all come short of things.
There are times that we have things that stop us from getting done what we want to get done.

WendyMx Premium
Thanks for your support, Melody. Things stopped me in April, but with any luck they won't stop me in May!
MelAnnLogsdo Premium
That's good, You're welcome/