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There's no 'little bit' to say about me. I'm 64 years old semi-retired and on disability. I'm still 1/2 owner of Cotner Properties, LTD Partnerhsip and receive a salary from rental income. But it's not enough. I haven't had a raise in pay for over 20 years and I work for myself! I've got a B.A. in Theatre Arts and studied acting in NYC. I decided I'd rather eat than be famous, so I came home and spent the next 30 years working for my dad in the family businesses, monuments and cemeteries. I've always been interested in all kinds of things so I can converse on many subjects. I'm glad to be a member of WA and look forward to working with such a great bunch of people.
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BelieveItYes Premium
Thank you for following me Lindy ! =) I'm looking forward to working with you!
Have a lovely day
Strap Premium
Hi and welcome to Premium Wealthy Affiliate. I am sure you have just made the best decision you have made for a long time. If you need any help, be sure to give me a holla
betcha Premium
Hi there, congratulations for going premium. You now have all the benefits and all the tools that will enhance your online business. Enjoy your new venture here @ Wealthy Affiliate. Blessings ~ Betcha.
Mac01 Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. Best of luck, Thomas
kennick2015 Premium
Hi Lindy and a warm welcome to Premium membership. You've made a wise decision and won't regret it. I wish you all the best in your new journey here at WA. Ken
Cwodavids Premium
Well done on taking the plunge with WA Premium, I know it can be intimidating and I was the same when I went for it.

I dont regret a thing and I am so happy that I did; the additional support, training and positive vibe is such good motivation to do more. I have followed you and will keep an eye on your progress, feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

If you follow me by clicking on the green "follow me" button then I will be in your contact list for easy reference.

Welcome to the club and hopefully we can have a chat soon.



p.s. Feel free to leave a comment if you do look at my site and follow my blog.
SJB Premium
Hello and congrats on going premium! It has changed my life and I am sure that it will do amazing things for your too!
MINDwell Premium
Welcome to PREMIUM --- at the moment it is all dreams. With dedication it can be slowly built into a project you can be proud of. My best advice. Watch Learn and constantly look for ways to improve, and success will come. Ask lots of questions.

Nelsonsky1 Premium
welcome aboard may your dreams come true
BelieveItYes Premium
Hi Lindy !

Congratulations on going premium! I'm sure you are as excited as me to be part of this amazing community ! I see you've already made much progress on here, well done and keep up the good work! =)

I wish you all the best of joy and success in all your endeavors

Have a wonderful day

Cheers =)
Rawl Premium
Hello and welcome to Premium Membership.
Kyle Premium
What's going on Lindy? Hope you have had an awesome week here at WA and you are making some good progress. Drop me a note "reply" if you need a hand with anything. :)
JohnMks Premium
Hey Lindy, How is the training going? Don't forget that I am here if you need any help, so don't be afraid to take "advantage" out of me! :o)

Greetings from Sweden!

ibmountain Premium
Welcome and good luck to you!
victoro Premium
Welcome to WA. i wish you great success.
JohnMks Premium
Welcome Lindy to Wealthy Affiliate!

I am John and I believe you found WA through me :) I look forward to help you with any question you might have, and of course help you to achieve success!

It´s great to see that you are ready to start. I want you to know that you have made a wise decision to try things out here. There is no better place to be if you want to make money online.

What you do to get started is very simple:

1. Set up your account.
2. Go to “get Started Here” course!

You find it within the main menu (BIG GREEN button).

Or, with this link here:

Key to success is to interact and ask A LOT of questions! I promise that you will get ANY question answered here!

The training is going to be the core of your success, you will be given step-by-step instructions on what to do. Each lesson also have an associated (easy to understand) video walk-through that is goint to SHOW the EXACT process. Those videos are GREAT!

What it takes to success here? Stick with it and DON´T give up!
Put atleast 6-10hour/week on this (more if you can) and things will start to fall in place very quick!

Remember to ALWAYS ask for help if there is something you are not sure of!

I have never experienced a community online that has so many friendly and helpful people, this is something that you are going to notice very quick! There is thousands of GREAT people here, you can learn from them, they are willing to help, and basically all of them had the same questions that you have at some point, me to :o)


If you decide to become more serious and go Premium, you can of course do that whenever you want. However if you do it within you first 7days you are going to get the "action taker" bonus, your first month for $19!

I wish you Success!
WendyLindy Premium
Thanks John -What is Jaxxy and why do I need it?
JohnMks Premium
No problem Lindy. Here is my review of jaaxy on my website: http://startmakestopwaste.com/what-is-the-best-keyword-search-tool-jaaxy-without-a-doubt

You don´t need it, but it will make things easier. You also have a keyword tool here at WA.

Anyway read the review and try it if you are courious.

JohnMks Premium
How far have you come in the training by the way?

This might be helpful to: http://startmakestopwaste.com/how-do-i-increase-traffic-to-my-blog-easier-than-you-think

You will get more info on the keyword subject in the training here at WA also.
WendyLindy Premium
When I tried to enroll, it says my email address is already in use...what's with that?
JohnMks Premium
On jaaxy? That means that you already have an account there.