Easy Grammar Tip #1 - Your and You're

Last Update: January 12, 2018

Since I've been teaching for 22 years, and I have a Master's Degree in Education - I thought it would be good practice to offer quick grammar tips here and there. I see a lot of writing mistakes on websites and social media. My inner control freak wishes to correct all the mistakes I see. That is not possible. So a blog post is the next best thing.

I know many here struggle with fluent English. I know how that feels as I work and live in communities that are Spanish dominant. Communicating flawlessly in a second language is not an easy task.

So today's tip is a common mistake that I see everywhere:

You're is short for "you are." The A is dropped and substituted with an apostrophe. To make sure you are using this properly, read the sentence aloud and substitute "you are" for "you're". If "you are" makes sense in the sentence you're all set!

The word "your" has no substitutions. And it does not mean "you are" The above graphic is a good example if I try to substitute.

"Is that you are book, or do you need to return it to the library?" This sentence makes no sense, so I know "your" is the proper word to use.

I hope this helps anyone who is confused. I will do my best to post more grammar and usage tips as my full time job allows. :-)

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CraigW315 Premium
This is great.

I don't like being critical of others, as I know that many of the people I interact with are not native speakers of English, but I often feel the urge to correct mistakes such as this.

Two other examples of what I see often:
"Would of" and "should of" instead of "would've" and "could've".
"You have another thing coming."

I cringe every time.
wendyg53 Premium
Thank you for reminding me of could've and should've. That's another grammar post. Makes me crazy too.
DEversley Premium
Thanks so much Wendy. I wish you would post tips every day! (is "would" correct here?):)

I love this stuff. It can only make us all better.

All the best and keep 'em coming!! :))
wendyg53 Premium
Would is correct. LOL!
accad Premium
Thank you. I will be one of your students.
wendyg53 Premium
Glad to have you aboard. :-)
jetrbby80316 Premium
Nice grammatical training Wendy!

Often just "sounding out" the sentence and checking if it makes sense will tell us if we are using our words correctly within the context.

This is a lesson series many WA'ers need.
wendyg53 Premium
Thanks Kaju! I'm glad to help.
GomMagtibay Premium
Yes, this is a common mistake, that even the Grammar Checker that we have here in SiteContent fail with sometimes.

Thanks for the tip. And, YOU'RE doing great! :)