Last Update: May 17, 2015

This week was a bit of a nightmare and as a result I have got very little done on WA. I could not log on to my site using my browser google Chrome as the middle of the page was just blank. I could however, get onto blogs and comments direct from my emails or from a different browser. On the blogs and comments, certain words had been made into links (I have tried to copy and paste this so you could see it but it would not paste). An example of a comment I received is: Thanks for the follow back. Good luck Wendy. The Good luck became a link with an arrow in the top right hand corner and when clicked would be an advert for something.

I contacted the technical dept. and they could not help. They referred me to Kyle and Carson who sent me a link for a free antivirus. I tried this but it did not resolve the problem. My Dad suggested I uninstall google Chrome and re-install it which I did. Hey presto, it worked - thanks Dad.

I hope this helps if anybody else has problems in the future.

Although the anti virus did not solve this particular problem, it is perhaps worth installing it as a back up and the link is: http://www.trendmicro.co.uk/


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sheiladane99 Premium
Thanks Wendy. It's good to have this as a backup to remember in case it ever happens to me. God forbid.
Thanks for sharing.
wendai Premium
It's a pleasure Sheila. I hope it doesn't happen to you.
Rich908 Premium
We should be prepared for all challenges when constructing our websites its the only we learn. Great Blog
LisB247 Premium
Hi Wendy, sorry to hear about your problems with your computer. Keep an eye on things because what you have mentioned sounds very similar to a problem that I had last month with a malware virus on my computer.

Malware can be attached to something that you downloaded and will lurk in your system. It is very difficult to get rid of and I ended up having to reset my computer to the manufacturers setting to get rid of it once and for all.

It may be worth reading, this information from Antonio (One of our members who used to be a tech guy).


He provides free solutions to virus, malware, and other problems.

Hope this helps.
wendai Premium
Thanks Lauren. I will have a read. Wendy.
Jeremiah2911 Premium
Glad to hear you were able to resolve this issue
dunbar Premium
that is tereble hope it all comes good for you cheers Helen
wendai Premium
Thanks Helen. All seems fine now. Wendy.