Are You An Employee?

Last Update: January 17, 2017

Are you an employee?

That’s another way of asking if you have a Job or are part of the JOB Market.

A more important question is: "do you know anyone that is not an employee”?

An employee is a person that relies on a Job as the primary source of income… a salary.

I’ve been trying to determine the proper name for those that are not Employees.

The best I can come-up with is Entrepreneurs… they have a unique, unusual DNA & leave a Legacy.

Of the thousands of people you know & know-of, how many fall into the class of Entrepreneurs or Employees?

I would like to accumulate information about & a list of Entrepreneurs.

This is who I would like to associate with & learn from.

"You are most like the people with which you associate" is probably a true statement.

The prime example of an Entrepreneur is Steve Jobs.
Its strange how his last name falls into this discussion.

The LEADERS of groups [Tribes, Corporations, Governments, Teams, Societies, etc.] are Entrepreneurs not Employees.

Are you interested in collaborating on this project?

Tell me about or introduce me to Entrepreneurs through their Biography or Autobiography.

[Side Note:]
The advent of Higher-Education [College - University] was devised by Entrepreneurs [Corporations & Government] to produce more & better Employees… (the main purpose of Higher-Education = more & better Employees for Jobs).

If this is a project for which you have an interest, please reply & collaborate.

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Loes Premium
I am a freelancer, entrepreneur and small independent, I do not work for a boss
wb5yjs Premium
Are there entrepreneurs which you admire & model your activities after?

Do you agree that most of the people you know are employees?
Loes Premium
No, I do not have entrepreneurs I model, and I know almost everyone around me is working for a boss, I have tried that but I am unfit to work for a boss, I do work too much in my own way;) I do not fit into that world.
Defiant6 Premium
I am an employee unfortunately, but working to become an entrepreneur :)