What NOT to Write in a "Site Comment"

Last Update: August 12, 2019

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.

The last time I posted anything it was about reading the whole post. Today is along the same lines but to do with the difference between "Comments" and "Feedback"

A lot has been written about what should be included and not included in "Site Comments" and Kyle has also included somte training on the subject as part of the "Site Comments" platform here at WA.

I have also written at least once on this issue but I feel the need to write again especially after the "Comment" I recieved this morning through "Site Comments".

Don't get me wrong here. I totally respect and appreciate the time and effort this person put into wanting to help me make my website better. However, I wasn't asking for "Site Feedback" I was asking for "Siite Comments" related to the post I had just written about RV tires and why they fail.

I have left the name of the person out but have a look at what he wrote. I think you will agree with me.

Congratulations on your site and your progress. Your work is engaging and I feel comfortable reading it and you come off real friendly. There's a lot of great information to offer for those interested in the wonderful world of camping. Your site is informative and helpful. I can offer three suggestions that I came across that you could consider working on.

1. Tools and Accessories - Don't offer a category that doesn't have any content. It kind of leaves the reader high and dry and wondering what's going on.

2. Watch where you put your pictures in your articles. There was weird word break up that made for a difficult reading experience along the photos. That was from an Android phone it may be different on a Mac or PC.

3. I was told that making a post a series is bad for Google and SEO searches. Google is trying to deliver the most relevant article up front first. Having multiple of the same title confuses that search. The numbers in sequence may knock it out of whack.

I had the same issues I just ended up combining them all under one post and editing them and WordPress to let the reader know there were parts. The post is over seven thousand words long but has quality and depth.

Hope these suggestions are helpful and I wish you well and success with your sight!

So, and I'm sure you will agree, this has nothing to do with the topic of my post.

I am greatful for the feedback and I will work to try and fix the things this person mentioned but that's not what I was looking for.

So, If you are fa certified "Commentor" please check this out and also read the part that says,

When providing comments, please be thorough and unique. Comments that are engaging will allow the owner (and others) to interact. The better comments you offer, the better comments you will receive! View more instructions!

especially the "View more instructions" part. It's there to help us understand the difference between the two.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share with your followers. I'm only following about 1800 members so, spread the word.

WA rocks.

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FKelso Premium
Well, it was great feedback, but it was still feedback. It would be nice if you could contact the person giving the comment and ask them to write another one that is not feedback.
Wayne66 Premium
You're right, Fran and I did try to find him in the community but there are too many here by that name and I haven't a clue how to narrow it down or if it's even possible.

If you have any tips, I'm open.

FKelso Premium
No, I don't. I'm guessing you already put his name in the black search bar at the top of the page.
katmac Premium
I've noticed this too, not only in site comments but also in the give and take comment thread where individuals give feedback instead of provide a comment on the site.
It can be frustrating when it's not what the task requires. I feel uncomfortable having to disapprove a comment due to it not being relevant to what you've asked for but if this is what is offered, then it's understandable you need to disapprove it.
Thanks for raising awareness around this issue.
Wayne66 Premium
I'm not comfortable having to do that either but it wasn't what I asked for so?

It's not a loss though. I'll take the feedback and try to improve where I can.

It's a learning process for all,

Carson2 Premium
Thanks for your input and your future achievements.
Wayne66 Premium
RE-committing to the process. Lots of work to do and lots of ideas to draw on. Just have to get moving and make it happen.

And thanks for the encouragement,

ecomtom Premium
This happens to me quite a bit. Some people on WA need to learn the difference between comments, and feedback, and where, and when to provide them. I think your post may shed some needed light on the subject. Good luck, Tom
Wayne66 Premium
Thanks, Tom. We are all learning here and I really hope that's what he gets from this.

No hard feelings and, really, his time wasn't totally wasted. I'll check out his remarks and learn.
kenburgess70 Premium
Thanks for that informative post, Wayne!
I really think the font you chose just pops out and says "readable" and conveys authority overall.....

Ha! Just kidding! I hear you loud and clear Wayne! I have had some comments which I had to refuse due to the fact they were not offering comments related to the post I had written and asked comments for as well. I will spread your word along to others in my network as well and will point them to this post!

Cheers and thanks again for the post!
Wayne66 Premium
Hilarious, Ken. Appreciate you "Kind" words.

The good thing is that when we refuse a comment we will get a new one so, WE don't really lose.

My only hope is that the person (he) learns from this and figures out the difference between a '"Comment" an "Feedback".

Been there, done that, got refused and learned.

All the best.