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I don't make a lot of contributions here or post in WA all that much but I think this is important enough to let everyone know about.For the last couple of months I had an issue with seeing the WA banners in the banner platform, in my website back-office, and on the website "Proper".At first, I thought, "It's just a glitch in the WA system and it will be fixed shortly. The guy's at "Site Support" always have our backs and they are already on it". So I put it on the back burned for a while.Wel
Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.The last time I posted anything it was about reading the whole post. Today is along the same lines but to do with the difference between "Comments" and "Feedback"A lot has been written about what should be included and not included in "Site Comments" and Kyle has also included somte training on the subject as part of the "Site Comments" platform here at WA.I have also written at least once on this issue but I feel the need to write again especially afte
FRUSTRATED!!!This is the second coment I have rejected on the same post. In my post, the preamble, I talked a little about the electric tongue jacks that have come with a previous tailer I owned and how I thought that they weren't all that good .I don't think this person took the time to read my whole post or they would have understood this.Have a read and tell me what you think.Thank you for your review of Top 5 Best Electric Tounge Jacks and showing that there is a better way. The best thing
Hey, everyone. Had this weird thing happen over the last couple of days. I'm not sure how it got there but you might want to read this before you install "my inbox helper".Here's a link. you have this and it's causing problems with your browser, (and it probably is), This will help you get rid of it. And the sooner the better."Urgent, Windows 10 users. Download this imediately" Or something like that.
December 04, 2018
Just want to give a big shout out to all of the people that just got a notifcation thatI have followed them back.It's so hard to keep up with all the notifications and some get forgotten for a time.Most are new, (Within the last couple of months) so, I just want to wish you all the best of success as you continue this amazinag journey.WA is the best and it just keeps getting better and better and 2019 promises to be another one of those "More Improvement" years.So Here's to the next 12 months o
. I just wanted to send out a special "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to all my American network friends.You are all amazing and I am greatful to have you as part of my network and as my neighbours.I hope you all enjoyed your turkey or ? dinner as well as family and friends.Wayne
I know its been a while since I have written anything here, in fact it has been ages, but I was reading a little about PLR (Private Label Rights) content over the last few day so I thought I would write a post for my website. Have a read and let me know your thoughts.Private Lable Rights - Is it good for my Website?Private Label Rights (PLR). What is PLR and is it good for your website? Lots of people are asking this question so I just want to add my thoughts on the subject.First of all, what
June 02, 2018
Hi every one. Hope you are all well and have good memories.I am writing a post about WA and it's history, How it's grown, the changes that have happened, and how the platform has changed over the years and I need your help.Some of you have been here for many years and have had a first-hand look at the ways in which WA has changed.I know about the early days but I am have some difficulty filling in dates for many of the other improvements we all have now.Things I'm looking for are years and/or
Just when I was starting to think that my posts weren't all going to be indexed on search engines, what seemed to be impossible finally happened. Just know, within the last 12 minutes, NINE of my post have finally been indexed.YAHOO!!! It's about time.I started My WA website in , (I think), October or November last year and between then and a half hour ago I only had five of six post indexed.I'm thinking this is some kind of a break-through because now people will be able to find my posts and
January 29, 2018
Being accepted to the "Super Affiliate Program" was no something I thought would happen but to my surprise it did and it's been quite a week.Those who were just starting out, (creating a WA website), were given three tasks to complete:Task 1: Get your own domainTask 2: Get through Bootcamp phase 1Task 3: Complete all the required pages/posts in phase 1 (about me post, privacy policy page, review)Those who already have their WA promo sites were given two tasks to complete and that was to create