Taking Control Of My Own Destiny

Last Update: Oct 19, 2014


It's being four months here as a member at WA.

So, the headliner should be 4months 1 day.

But instead, I will be talking about my own destiny.

I have being online for quite a while. Like some of us who are just starting out, there will be a lot of setback.

After, a few hrs doing this it becomes easier to set up,

I am still trying to "refine a niche", but I have manage to build few pages and on to my next websites.

I use to write articles back when I started, now I realize the route I was going.

I am stuck with creating content only this time I am doing it for a purpose.

My first site here at WA is a review site on Wealthy Affiliate.

I update the site regular, as i progress through out this journey so i will need some feed back.

I will work more to refine the content but I believe my ideas are thru to my readers,

Kyle present a challenge which I intent on following. The mug will be an extra incentives but I also believe it will help me to develop more writing skills. This is one area that when develop will lead to better conversion.

The things i like doing

I like writing content because it is becoming one of my main area for traffic to my pages.

I like to test solo ads to see if it drive leads or referral. I am actually running a campaign and hoping to give my review.

I like working on websites even though it takes me forever to choose themes. I think I have theme phobia.

I see a new phase in my life

l have re-built my nest. All the website I had from the past, I will set up at WA. I know the support will be there as I work on my new site;

So what if I did not achieved my previous Goals? Short term goals are the hardest to hold on to so my thought is to make those long-term goals feasible.

It is like everything I have done so far makes it possible for me to have a better life. I am more committed and steadfast,

Do I need help?

Every bit of it! I will need the support of everyone in my circle as I venture along. My promise is to show gratitude.

Everything takes time and effort! We all have trial stages so before we decide not to do something make sure we know the value.

Thank you until nest time,



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Sounds great! Just keep up the great work and set your goals at a pace you are comfortable with and hang in there, a great deal of support is all around you. :))

Sounds like a great plan, Wayne! You know we are here if you need it!

Well said! Remember...whenever a need for help arises, we are always here....this is a 'we' place......

Gratitude is The best Attitude!

Let me know how I can serve!

Wayne, Bad Link
There's no doubt about it, it takes work, there's a lot to learn and master. If we never quit, and keep plugging ahead, we'll get there. Keep doing what you like, but do what you hate first. ;^)

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