45 Life Lessons!

Last Update: September 19, 2016

Today I read 45 life lessons. The wisdom comes from someone who has much life experience. On the World Wide Web is said, they come from a 90 year old woman. In reality the woman in question wrote them down the night before her 45th birthday. She was diagnoosed with breast cancer.

Here the link:


Wise lessons for every one of us.

"The most important days in our life are the day

you are born...and the day you find out why."

(Mark Twain)

The 45 life lessons can show us the right way......,


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ircapat47 Premium
Hi Warner!!!

Thank you for sharing those your words of wisdom! I hope to live a fruitful life like you (on my path, that is). Here's a profitable venture!

Warner43 Premium Plus
Hi Alexander!
If my life is fruitful? I hope so. Fruits grow naturally if I use the sources of life and drink of the Water of Life .My aim is not so much to earn money but helping others.
One thing I have learned is, that I have to do the lessons step by step and not jump forward. to fast.
Today I start again, nearly from scratch because I have done other things. I hope I can concentrate more on the building of my site. That must have priority to reach my goal of helping others and secondly earn some money. I have an income, so I am not as dependent from earning more money.
I hope you will earn the money you need and more.It is possible!
You are here at the best place and it is here indeed "a profitable venture!
ircapat47 Premium

I work in Customer Service and as a Nurse Assistant so I too, live to help others. On the flip side of the coin, I am so interested in becoming financially free and detaching myself from the Corporate World (as I experience it). I stopped doing my lessons also and I just started my lessons over again yesterday. I'm setting my self on a scheduled study so I can fulfill my lesson priorities. I will be following you as a point of inspiration.

Warner43 Premium Plus
Today I came back. I started again after a long time. I have problems with a schedule ;)
KatieMac Premium
Great words of wisdom thank you for reminding us of wonderful lessons
2Al Premium
I have a copy of these lessons. Thank you for sharing.
Sheila50 Premium
Thanks, Warner,
It is true that we have to look at why we are here and do our purpose that God has given us which will lead to success!
Loes Premium
Thanks Warner. The most important lesson to learn on earth is, you are here to serve the other.