Newbie 6 Months Later! (The Magic is REAL.)

Last Update: Aug 1, 2020

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Newbie 6 Months Later (The Magic is Real.)

It has been reported to me today, (7/30/20.) I have been dedicated to the building of my website(s) for 6 months now.

A newbie 6 months later, I say, the magic is real!!!!

The weeks and months gone by I have magically learned, in great detail Wealthy Affiliate is all about training, and you learn to start your own online business!

What I can do online, Wealthy Affiliate has helped me take a closer look! How I can find out what information is needed, WA's affiliate marketing for beginners is not a scam!!!

Hooray To Me!!!!!!!

With six months of Premium access, the combination of training, software and the web hosting, is meant to be a one-stop shop destination, and for me it is...

Thanks! Wealthy Affiliate & Community!!

To The Newest Member: "Wealthy Affiliate is real and so are magicians & astrologist."

At the newest member-- reading here,

I say, if you are a star afraid of failing, this isn't for you right now, why? Because this is for the unique, anybody who can fall, and is not afraid to get up again.

Recognize you was born a star.

Shining is real, and so are magicians & astrologist.

But. Hopefully you've figured out a niche? If not that's okay, because you are here using your time effectively, with a proven system that works.

Think of the magician, or an astrologist, how they had to learn first, the importance of "taking the time" with skill development. Now, then ask yourself.. are you ready to build the online business of your dream?

Me? I started 6 months ago, it don't make me better, I'm just more qaulified to offer value different than you.. For example:

I have notice having an online business gives me the reach of the world, it gives me a platform to share what I think is a real useful and meaningful service, program or product.


Wealthy Affiliate has also introduced to me a vocabulary that has affected the quality of my teaching,especially relating to a newbie.

I now treasure the language of affiliate marketing because it helps me recognize the sophistication of being able to create a profitable business online.


The big question.

Does affiliate marketing really work? The biggest question many beginners in 2020 are asking, troubled with how can a beginner get started & make a profit.

The short-term answer is yes, affiliate marketing works, contact Kyle or Carson to figure out your trigger issue(s) and what level you at.

If you ignored the first suggestion, looking for the short cut. You might not think I am qualified enough to give useful advise, or probably you had an unpleasant experience in the past.

However. Progresses also start & stop, that means, as a beginner you must learn at your own pace/rate.

Onboarding the first six (6) months: learning, thinking & problem-solving are an important milestone for the long-term. And. Necessary for the bonding, brain-development and training to achieve your online goal.

I have included a couple of other links to assist you to advance in your investment. I encouage you to grow in the processes & to do your own research within the community, to see the whole answer to your big question more concrete. (See below)

The long-term answer here is: This is a business, and you will be dealing in people's trust, starting with your own.

If you a newbie and don't have a clue which is probably gonna cause self-doubt.

Welcome, there are 3 mental barriers that block most people's potential, starting new task for success.

#1. Fear of failing/failure.

#2. Second guessing.

#3. Choking up or froze motivation.

With all the stuff going on in the world today, you might even have to seek counsel, to learn if you are suffering a clinical depression or a seasonal disorder.

Keep in mind we all have mental barriers that hinder us from reaching our full potential.

Coming full circle.

A newbie 6 months later, I can tell you. Help is here-- when somebody is trying.

From the platform to the community and over the content, everything is meant to be for educational & awareness purposes, you simply have to apply it.


Advice for Newbies On WA...

A Must Read for W.A. Members (7 Tips To Remember)

      All the best,


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      Hi Walt , You have inculcated good habits for growth..

      Many congrats indeed on your successful 6 months with WA. It does indeed work and (as a part time astrologer myself - I focus on how a chart can help people choose their live paths/career etc.,) I loved the reference to astrology.

      WA is an excellent platform. I see more and more evidence of how people are succeeding & for one am sticking with it too.

      Best Regards,


      Congratulations on six months and great post

      We are thoroughly impresses with your writing and your understanding of how valuable Wealthy Affiliate is.

      I like the way you expressed how newbies feel and what their barriers are.

      Based on your understanding and the way you express yourself i believe you will find much success in the online world.

      It is great to have your here for 6 months already.

      Thanks for what you shared.

      Here's to much success in your future.

      Excellent post Walt. Thank you very much for sharing 🤩

      Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
      4-Steps to Success Class
      One Profit Ready Website
      Market Research & Analysis Tools
      Millionaire Mentorship
      Core “Business Start Up” Training