Advice for Newbies on WA

Last Update: September 29, 2020

Advice for Newbies on WA

My mate, buddy, friend (depending on your culture) Kuya007 recently joined WA and he asked me for some advice. I dropped him a line and thought I would share it in a blog as it may help others.

Advice When I First Joined

I was given the following advice from one of the older hands when I started in January. I hope

do not mind me adding to their excellent blog drawing on my own 4 1/2 month experience. Their blog on this (and many others have motived me) I have had DarrenNicolas advice on my wall & I regularly read it, along with my Vision, goals and objectives.

Darren Nicolas Advice

  1. The WA training is key. Follow it EXACTLY. DO NOT MISS A STEP. And take your time.
  2. Ensure the niche you choose is something you are passionate about or are happy researching content.
  3. This is your journey. Do not compare yourself to others,
  4. Be patient and persistent, it will take time
  5. Ask questions. Ask lots of questions. ANYTHING. We have a great community of knowledge within WA that can help you to make daily and good progress.
  6. Go at your own pace.
  7. This is your business, change your mindset from it being a hobby, (my blog) it isn`t. It’s your business.
  8. Believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to. And you will.
  9. Stay focused
  10. Never ever give up.

Now this is from Trevor:

A word on other Affiliate Marketing platforms. Other exists. Many are “get rich schemes” (they only make others rich) or worse, possibly scams. I have learnt this over the last few months, its been enlightening reading other people`s sites via the “site comments”.

Landed On My Feet With WA

I really landed on my feet with these guys. Workwise, I have never been happier. This emphases how I think about WA. It makes the point that you really need to remember daily.This is YOUR BUSINESS. Its not a hobby. Treat it like a hobby and you will fail. Treat it seriously like your own business and you WILL succeed.

Other Things I Have Learnt

Other things I have learnt that I would advise now:

Have Clear Objectives

1. Set some clear objectives and have a “vision” for why you are doing it. Place this along with your objectives on your wall or in a place you can read it regularly

Don`t Sign Up To Amazon Too Early

2. Do not sign up to Affiliate programmes, particularly Amazon too early. Wait until your site is reasonably well set up. Once you learn how to drive traffic to your site, then join affiliate programmes. The Commissions with Amazon are now so low, think carefully whether it makes sense for you to join them. Don`t do it too early if you do.

Engage with the Community

3. Engage with the community. If you are worried about confidentiality, you don`t have to give your real name but engaging is REALLY important. Read their questions and blogs. Write your own blogs on the WA platform. This is not your web page, but its great practice and it will hone your writing skills. They have a spell and grammar check in the system.

My First Site

4. I chose XXXX as my site to practice with. I have learnt my skills. I haven`t earnt much in 4 months but I have learnt a lot. I will be branching out soon, kicking Amazon off my site and finding other affiliate programmes to promote. I should have waited, I was too impatient for results. I am now starting to develop another site. But I will continue to write for my first site on a regular basis.

JAAXY Is So Important

5. JAAXY is incredibly important. Become an expert on it.

Choosing Your Niche

6. Take your time deciding on your niche. By all means tell me what you are thinking and I will give you feedback.

WA Bootcamp?

7. I did not do the WA “Bootcamp” at first because I wanted to be 100% sure the platform was as good as I read. It is. But I advise you to choose a niche that interests your passion first. Dedicate your time to ONE site. Once it is up, then you can think of another, as I am doing now.


8. Do your research & drafting in blocks of an hour/ hours, treat it like eating an elephant. Your first draft will not be your final. Leave the final draft overnight before publishing.

Folder On Your PC

9. Set your WA folders clearly on your computer.

Blogging on WA

10. Initially I was cautious with blogging in WA and with feedback to comments, but I was wrong. Dive in. Make friends via regularly commenting on their blogs (skim read them) and they will help you more as you go. All of this will motivate you.

WA E-Mails

11. Limit your time to giving feedback on WA blogs/emails. Remember this is your business, your site should be your priority. I typically do it over coffee in the morning, at lunchtime and at night, usually on my phone. Or if the internet goes down, I spend 10/15 minutes replying via my phone.


A repeat: Follow the training exactly.

12. When you reach the lesson and you start to do web site feedback, do it thoroughly. Give detailed feedback and ask a question to help the site. They in due course will do the same. You can edit poor spelling/grammar in any replies you receive.

13. The more you put into WA, the more you will get out of it.


14. Set up a simple log on Excel to monitor your daily or weekly progress. Here is a summary of mine:




Details of Outgoings US$/Other Currency

Hours worked

WA Ranking

Network (no of followers)

Work done e.g. of work done: “Dementia article. 1 WA Training. Pinterest training.” Feedback on 3 sites. 8 hours worked.

Google Analytics Site visits

I hope this helps others.

In summary my friend, we have hit upon an amazing ethical platform and affiliate programme system with brilliant support. If you enjoy it 10% as much as I do, you will LOVE IT. I have never been happier workwise. Ever.

Not a Member of WA Yet?

If you would like to join Wealthy Affiliate you can join today for free and start your journey to build your own online business. Sign up via this click through.

Have a Great Day Folks. Now go find that new cheese!

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CashYoda7 Premium
Good advice.

I like the bit about joining Amazon Associates later on. Good advice.

I might also add to it that unless you are going to receive a decent commission percentage from Amazon, look to other affiliate programs first.

I used to receive 4% but now receiver 1% because of the space I am in.

Needless to say, I have changed several of my affiliate links to go to other affiliate networks instead of Amazon.

It's just not worth it for me to deal with them any more.
LatinNomad Premium
Thank you Cashyoda. My biggest regret was joining Amazon too quickly. The training really ought to highlight this much more earlier on in my view.

Have a great day.

CashYoda7 Premium
Yeah, I agree.
LatinNomad Premium
nurit Premium
Hi LatinNomad

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post this article and sharing Darren Nicolas point of view. I saved this to my favorite to remind myself that any progress is progress. I have, however, seen tremendous progress just by logging in each and everyday and doing something. The more I do the easier it gets. I have been on and off the platform for 3 years, most of the time it sat dormant. But the last couple months I've been seeing progress. I am going through the training and it's all starting to make sense.

So again, thank you for your input and for cheering us newbies on. I know I am not alone when I say how much I appreciate finding articles such as yours with nuggets of gold buried in it!

Warm regards
Miriammendo1 Premium
Wow I really enjoyed this information really helpful and inspiring. everyday I learn something new. I remember long ago I had told myself that I wanted to learn something new everyday of my life,and for the most part I do.i never want to stop learning. I can't even imagine how much knowledge fits into our brains. But I am so glad there is room to grow. I want to pin your post so I can read it over and over again. A great refresher.
Thanks so much, best wishes to you,
LatinNomad Premium
Hi Miriam, Im glad this helped you. I too read it regularly to remind myself.

Good luck with your journey with WA. By the way. We are NEVER too old to learn. Never. I look forward to learning from your blogs & questions.

I was introduced to spirulina in Mexico. It is now my main site. Whyspirulina. Com. The advice there might help you. It certainly boosted my energy & I feel younger as my mind is sharper too.

Have a great day.

WaltM Premium
This is great advice, especially for me being totally new to what affiliate marketing is all about.. plus I can kick Amazon to the curb for now too.

(I don't need the apparent distraction of Amazon at this point in time.)

Meanwhile I will focus on learning to apply the steps in the training to build with the support of the platform, that way I achieve my basic goal: learning WA's affiliate program.

Thanks for this post link with me.

All the best,
LatinNomad Premium
My pleasure Walt. Its important to be focused. I don`t recommend Amazon for newbies. In fact for the product I promote I don`t recommend it either as their stock can become stale. Not good and less effective as a result.


Frolico Premium
Thanks for sharing LatinNomad...I think you have been very honest in this piece of advice.

When I do a self looks like you were talking to me because there are quite a few things I have done wrongly since I joined just over 3 weeks ago.

I only wish I had read your advice then but never mind it is always good to revisit and correct what went wrong as part of our learning curve / cycle.

2 things I have taken away, a) Print off and stick in my home office this advice and b) create a spreadsheet for reflection and updates.

All the best wishes during our WA life.

dkohsh88 Premium
Hi Trevor,
That was a well written and comprehensive list of tips for WA Newbies. From both Darren and you. It was very practical and easy to understand. The basic fundamental for a good start.

Very well organised with the various eye catching headlines in bold. I like the image use. Using bold letters to highlight the keypoints and grabbing the attention of the readers. Brilliant.

I learn a lot from your posting. Setting up a simple log using Excel is a great idea.

Thanks. Yes, resources from Darren are solid.

To your continuous success,
David Koh
LatinNomad Premium
Than you David. Im glad you found it so helpful & clear. I look forward to hearing & learning about your successes.

Have a great day.