My 1st Success Post: Feb 2017 What a Ride!

Last Update: Jun 10, 2023

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Break 19, Any body got a copy?

I remember well those days way back then when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. It sure has been one hell of a ride.

It all started one day when I stumbled across a website of another member here from WA.

My memory is not near as good as it was way back then but I can still remember that article that led me to his website still do this day.

The article was,

How 1 Website Made Me Over $1,000 All From Free Traffic

That article led me to his review of Wealthy Affiliate and my story with WA began that day.

I have came a long way since then on my road to success in this industry and I will always be thankful to him for writing that article.

The image you see on the right is from my first blog post here at WA back in 2017.

If you like you can check out that post by visiting my profile.

It took me a little bit of time to make them first commissions.

They gave me the spark I needed.

I started using every little bit of my down time to work on my business.

Whether it was while they were loading my truck , unloading, or waiting for a dispatch I was on my laptop.

My road to achieving success wasn't a straight line.

I took some wrong turns and hit some bumps along the way but I kept at it.

The image to the right was my first monthly commission over $1,000 dollars Dec 2018.

Just know this,

You are going to have some setbacks along the way that is just how it is. What matters is how you respond to them.

So be ready for them.

This is normal.

I still have them.

We all do.

I won't let it get me down because I know it is to be expected. I get up and get back to it and continue to try and keep my business growing.

In July 2020 I made my first $3,000 commission as you can see to the right.

This was when I finally was able to kiss that 18 wheeler goodbye.

Oh did it feel good and I ain't never going back. Driving a truck over the road all of those years took a toll on me.

I needed to get out of it and I did.

So, now I sit here at the age of 61 writing this post.

With watery eyes,

And thinking,

How fortunate I was to stumble onto that article by Vitaliy on that lucky day.

To your success guys,

Never Quit

The Wacky Affiliate,


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Good morning Kirk,

That's fantastic! Well done for making the most of your time while you were driving, that's easier said than done! I'm guessing there were some places where you went where you did not have Internet access, which probably made it harder!

I'm sure that must've been a wonderful feeling when you packed in your driving job. I'm sure it's not an easy job! Here in the UK, when I'm driving, I often think of the truck drivers going up and down the motorway all-day at and then having to wait to be unloaded etc! Not easy!

It's always great to hear a success story, I know that you made it happen through being persistent and working hard!

All the best.


The day I cleaned out my truck for the last time was a relief more than anything. It was finally over.

I understand, Kirk, I can believe you! Here in the UK, truck drivers generally have fairly long hours, with frustrations of busy congested roads, being held up loading/unloading and putting up with other road users! Not an easy job, but a job where you have to keep your concentration, big time!

Well done for making it happen!



Thanks for sharing your success story. You are only almost a year older than me. I will be 60 in December. I wish I had known about WA years ago. I joined four years ago. I had many medical setbacks, so it took me a long time to finally start getting my business going online. I started doing it last November. It's slow going due to my Multiple Sclerosis health struggles. I write when I am feeling great. I know that PPC ads worked for you. I have a hard time with it because I do not want to spend money I don't have. Most of my money goes to paying for assisted living to care for me. The only way I can pull this off is to do organic blogging, which I am focusing on. I aim to get more articles on my site to gain traction. Once I am satisfied, I will consider starting with Bing Ads. What concerns me is that I did start, and I paid for Bing ads for about $80 bucks, and nothing happened, only a few clicks, so 80 dollars went down the hole. I can't afford to lose that $80 for ads that don't convert. I thought it was because I had thin content on my site, which is true.

I think focusing on organic traffic is probably the best thing you do in your situation right now, Brenda

With PPC, at least from my experience, you are going to go into debt for a few months even with a decent converting campaign.

So, is MMO the only niche you are working on right now, Brenda?

Yes, it is. For WA boot camp. However, I'm not going to follow the exact method of writing reviews of companies like is it a scam. Too many of that out there. I dont like to write recommend or do not recommend. Instead the focus is about blogging, and how to be an affiliate marketer its similar to what I’ve done on my WA post. Im doing my WA mmo niche in an unique way and its low competition.

Thinking outside the box and looking for keywords that you can rank in the MMO niche can be tough but it can be done.

Yes thats right. Im a hunter, hunting for keywords that are outside the box.

Happy hunting and happy Saturday, Brenda




Hi Mike, Hope you're doing well. ty

Very awesome, indeed, Kirk!


Happy Saturday Jeff ty ty

Same to you, my friend!


From one wacky Affiliate to another, great post.

haha ty Stephen

Thanks for the shoutout Kirk! Really happy to have you here in WA all these years and I hope to meet you in Vegas one day!

That would be great, Vitaliy. Thanks for stopping by and for writing that article. Who knows where I would be right now if I hadn't come across your website.

This is a very inspirational post. Thanks for sharing your success.

ty kindly Jim

You’re welcome.

Hi Kirk,

I appreciate your path a lot. Appreciate even more your taking the time to share it with us.

Being a truck driver is about as far removed as one can get from this computer stuff, yet here you sit today having done what so many dream of, or tried and failed at. Your dedication to learning and implementing was enough to get you out of that truck.

It's interesting how at times we come across the right person saying the right things and it changes everything. I imagine whatever the post was you saw by Vitaly has been seen by many who never had a fire lit inside of them from it. And others perhaps who like yourself did get inspired to make this their own too.

Your story reminds me of one from a book called Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny.

The main character adopts the role of the Buddha in his war with the gods, and an assassin sent to take him out becomes enthralled by his teachings and instead of killing him becomes the actual Buddha.

Thanks so much for sharing.



It has been a ride but it seems like yesterday

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