Is your site's traffic dying down? Don't freak out.

Last Update: November 12, 2018

Hi WA community, so lately I've been seeing and getting messages from people who are freaking out about their traffic dying out for some strange reason.

They are doing the WA training, they are supposedly doing it right, and yet this is happening, what's going on? Well here's what you need to know:

Most niches sites see a loss in traffic due to the holiday season coming up this time of year and it happens across the board for MANY sites, especially bootcamp sites which promote WA, it's just normal.

In addition other events trigger these things:

Trump tweets something, everyone freaks out, attention is drawn away from your sites.

Holidays come up in other countries, masses flock and focus on that.

In addition, other trends also affect other sites, like no one thinks about dieting before the New Year, but "everyone" does after New Years.

So if you're seeing a drop in traffic, and you've been following the WA training and not being "bad", you're fine. Let me say that again, you're fine.

If your Google analytics traffic is dropping, do this:

Check your Google rankings for pages you know are ranking high, if their rankings are still in that spot or close, you're fine. It's just one of those event moments taking place and it'll pass.

Additionally, if Google is doing an algorithm update, this ALSO affects sites, but once again, if you're doing the WA training, fret not, it'll come back after the algorithm change has settled, it ALWAYS does.


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NeptuneSiver Premium
My Trafic is still going up.
VictorF22 Premium
Trump tweets something... That's a good one!

That's the reason why that man became a president: ATTENTION!
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you, Vitaliy, for letting everyone know :)
Graza Premium
Great Post very informative
thanks for information.

MikaelM Premium
thanks Vitaliy - great reminder to us all not to panic