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Last Update: July 22, 2018

Long ago, I talked about a 1% a day approach to business and life and the basic idea of it was that as long as you do 1% MORE every single day in whatever it is you are focused on, at the end of the year, you'd have gotten 365% more done.

Today I want to give you a similar focus but a bit more specific. There's an issue many people face when encountering a new challenge and that is that they seek to understand what they are trying to complete fully, and quickly. The problem with that is that when you have a gigantic problem before you, solving it while tackling it all at once is nearly impossible. As a result, the brain shuts down and so does your ambition.


-You seek to try and understand a course curriculum all at once.

-You try to climb a mountain whilst grasping all the hiking you need to do.

-In WA's case (and I see people making this mistake a lot), they try to understand/comprehend the entire certification/bootcamp/webinar course all at once.

-You seek to create a profitable online business but understand how much work and time it takes.

The key context in these examples is that the individual is seeking to complete the problem at hand all at once, but because it's so vast, he or she cannot. This leads to failure and more often than you can imagine. Think about a project or goal you once set that didn't work out, I am sure if you examine the mindset you had going in, you'll find a similar reason for it not working out.

What then is the solution? Here it is: Adopt an incremental completion mindset.

Using the same examples above, let me explain:

-Instead of trying to understand a cirriculum at once, study it paragraph by paragraph, little bit little, 1% at a time. Don't focus on the overall end goal, focus on accomplishing the tiny goals LEADING to it. The less stres the mind has on itself to comprehend something, the better it grasps it and that understanding evolves you to the next level faster.

-Instead of grasping how you'll hike an entire mountain, focus on hiking one rock at a time, or making it 50 feet at a time, and eventually those 50 feet add up to the whole mountain.

-Instead of grasping the entire curriculum in WA, study each lesson at a STEADY pace, little by little until you complete it (and yes the course is designed to work this way, so don't jump ahead!).

-Instead of focusing on creating a profitable business as a whole, focus on building 1 page or post a day, doing it little by little and before the end of the year, you will have completed more than you can imagine.

The ability to break down GIGANTIC goals into little incremental pieces eventually leads you to accomplish that big goal and I would argue it'll turn out bigger and better than you thought.

This is the kind of mindset I've adopted within the last year in all aspects of my life and let me tell you, it's led to some amazing accomplishments.

Here's just some examples from my personal experiences using this:

1) I train in various martial arts, my goal was at one point to be a black belt. But I had difficulty reaching it because I always looked too far at how vast and gigantic this goal was. When I started focusing on incrementally improving, this result came about quickly and my results and evolution still continue to this day (and I train a lot less by the way, I just train smarter).

2) I typically do road trips to Florida yearly from New York. The trip is 1,200 miles and typically takes me under 20 hours to do. I try to do it without stopping (gas and food only) and I find when I focused on the WHOLE trip and how difficult it was, I'd be more exhausted. Just recently I did the same trip and focused on getting through 1 hour of driving, then when I got that hour, I set my goals to reach the next hour, and so on and so forth and let me tell you, the trip became A LOT easier and I accomplished it even quicker.

3) In online business, I don't look at the goal of making 100's of blog posts a year. Now I just focus on writing 1. Then when it's done, I set the goal to write the next. 1 by 1, little by little, I'm almost up to 200 blog posts in this year alone.

Incremental mindset is what leads us to accomplish these goals and I want to share that with everyone who is struggling to accomplish their goals.

WA has everything you need to make this a reality. Add in the incremental mindset and you're going to get further in your goals, and faster than you thought possible.


P.S. And if you don't believe me...

Try this: Apply this idea to anything that involves a big undertaking. Just give it a shot, you'll see :)

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anusuya1 Premium
Thanks for sharing your experience which you have proved for yourself.

I started with 0 knowledge. It takes time to digest something.

There are so many additional training and they are tempting as well to go through.

Even if you want to move at an astronomical speed, it is just close to impossible.

You automatically become incremental by default.

I loved reading your article as always.
shazzaWA Premium
This is great Vitaliy. Recently I have been listening to Tony Robbins and he talks about setting a goal, but "chunking" the tasks or steps it will take to get to it.

If one looks at their big goal... it is mammoth and seems too far away... I know, it's exactly how I have been feeling with my health/fitness/weight and also my website.

This is so timely for me and thanks heaps for sharing how you do what you do... ah...another one of those "Success leaving clues!"

Thanks always for your insights Vitaliy!
Cheers, Sharon
Gracie-O Premium
Awesome write up! I find myself in the same shoes because I get overwhelmed easily when I look at all the course and I'm still far behind. But recently I've decided to go at my pace taking it one after the other and I found out Im getting better everyday!

Thanks so much for your write up
merlynmac Premium
I have fallen prey to this tactic myself. I blew through the training in something like 4 days. By doing that I find myself going back and thinking what was that step and so on. For me it's a tough habit to break. I've compromised and settled on blow through it first and then go through it again slowly :).
Twinsmother Premium
Greetings of Success to you VitaliyG. I have returned to WA because I missed the friendship here. You are one of the people that I use for mentorship. I still need it. I have had setbacks in my health and marriage and other areas of my life. Time can heal if a person is patient. So, I am asking for help with a troublesome topic and that is my website. It is not finished yet. What can I do to get it rolling? The title is still EstasDaughter.com, but i have lost the gusto for it. I have difficulty deciding a look for it. My guess is just to put up something that might resemble what I have in mind and let that suffice for the here and now. You are correct in stating to take small bits of increments to do anything that is overwhelming at the start. I intend to try it ASAP. I thank you much for the help and reminders, etc.
VitaliyG Premium
Viola welcome back! Sorry to hear about the experiences you mentioned. I believe you asked Kyle or someone else a similar question and I made sure to respond to it. Did you get see the reply?
ColleenT1 Premium
Hi Good post and I totally agree. Success is a journey and eventually becomes your destination so small steps to get there. The first step is deciding what you want and setting your goals long term and short term.
I always focus on one main goal so all my efforts can be measured.
As the saying goes "Dont try to run before you can walk"
BetterDays2C Premium
Yes, I totally agree! I have always had the problem of "making a mountain out of a mole hill!" The longer I put something off, the bigger it seems to get. But when I finally have to face it, I start tearing it down one little piece at a time. For example, sometimes I have 50 things that need to be done: doctor appts., phone calls to resolve problems, money problems, health problems, etc. I can become so overwhelmed and look at the mountain and get depressed and exhausted just thinking about it! But these things HAVE TO BE DONE. So I have to start somewhere. I start by making a list, and listing the drop dead date for each one. As I complete them, I mark them off the list. It is amazing how well this works! Finally, in my 60's, I have figured this out! What can I say? I am a slow learner! Thanks for the reminder! Take Care.
VitaliyG Premium
Awesome Connie!
Wayne66 Premium
What you have said certainly seems to make sense, Vitaliy. That's what it looks like to me. The course seems so big and somewhat overwhelming. I think I would be better off breaking every aspect of it down into smaller portions. Easier to focus for me I think.

I'm going to give this a try and see what happens.
VitaliyG Premium
Hi Wayne the great news is that this is already the case. Every hard part is broken into levels and each level is broken into 10 lessons, all very much following this blog post's advice :)
hanley Premium
Thanks, when I joined WA I did exactly as you stated and lost my way. After a year or so I went back and started from day one with something every day. Gee I soon found out how much I did not know or understand.
I think it was Gandi who said the 100-mile journey starts with just one step ( or something like that)
Great reminder blog.
VitaliyG Premium
He was totally right Peter :)
DebbieRose Premium
Great advice...it gets complicated because aside from the certification training or Bootcamp we see so much additional training in these blogs that is ahead of what we are learning from Kyle. It can make us want to jump ahead of the steps that Kyle puts put there and we can miss vital instruction.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Vitality,
I tried to do 12 post in a month but wasn't completing that so I would break it down like you suggested and soon after some practice, I was able to get 12 post in a month.

Tried and True

Introverted2 Premium
I thought of that too. Just completing your goals one day at a time. Eventually if we’re goal oriented, will reach our success sooner than we think.

Thank you for your words of wisdom.
Maine3623 Premium
As always from you, great advice, great article
VitaliyG Premium
Great to hear from you Mike! How goes it?
Maine3623 Premium
Still working my way thru the courses, thank you for asking. I hope all is well in your world and keep up the good work :)
VitaliyG Premium
Good to hear my friend! I'm doing well on my end, just working a lot.
Kettei Premium
Great article Vitaliy - this is exactly how I'm progressing with my WA site goals. Each week I set new goals and review them at the end of the week.

By measuring my progress, I'm able to see where I needed to improve and more importantly, when a goal was too ambitious.

That makes the following week's goals much more focused and attainable.

If the goals were too easily accomplished, the following week's goals can be tougher so I get more done.

Incremental progress is always progress whereas the feeling you get from looking at an apparently unattainable end-goal often results in a full-stop.
VitaliyG Premium
100% agree!
AngieKitts Premium
Thanks for the wonderful article . I will definitely add it in my thinking habits. Thanks alot.
HowardJaros Premium
Some good analogies, like not trying to eat the sandwich all in one bit!
VitaliyG Premium
Good analogy!!
newmarketpro Premium
That's great post, reminder and motivation.
I can't agree less and that mind-set of wanting to achieve ALL in one go is in fact enemy within self.

Thanks for the awesome post.