Last Update: February 18, 2015

I have only been here for 4 days, I think. Been working my site some, but been working my brain non stop to try and come up with some good ideas that will eventually bring in some cash. I had the site up, but not finished, for the last 3 days. Today I was checking it and it was still unranked, no big surprise there. I decided to go ahead and buy a domain and did. After I bought it, I then proceeded to move the site and lo and behold, it's RANKED all of a sudden!

Now, the work really begins. Hunt for the affiliates to link up to, which I have already made the decicions as to what companies I want. More detail, more content. The list goes on and on.

Set the goals and do something on making them happen every day. It will eventually pay off.

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blaztek Premium
That is so awesome! Congratulations! But, as you learned, a real, root domain name ranks better than a subdomain, which is what you were using.

Just out of curiosity, what domain name did you get?
cedeitz Premium
FransiscusAS Premium
Way to go. Keep it up!
ToneFleming Premium
Great job! It is a lot of work but anything worth doing is worth putting a lot of time and dedication into :)
panorama00 Premium
Awesome. May i see what exactly you ranked for? I am curious as it would be a helpful example for me.