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Last Update: May 31, 2020

Hi to all WA Rockstars but in particular, those who haven't been with Wealthy Affiliate for very long.

Push Buttons

In WA, there is a Search bar at the top of the page where you can ask questions and in there you will find a treasure trove of resources.

Under training on the left, you will also find some really great training from members who are kind enough to create them.

Push all the buttons up the top right of this page and there you will find your own unique links to send to people and also banners to add to your site to get referrals.

Writing WA posts

You are asked to share posts here in WA about your progress or something to help others learn about building online so please be professional in your approach to writing posts inside the platform.

The other day a newish member, Eunice wrote a post about birds and I tried to kindly suggest she put this post on her website as it wasn't really a post to share in WA. I was kind respectful and helpful as I am at all times however another member who is also and ambassador told her it was a great post which made me look like I was picking on her.

2 things wrong with his comment.

1. He should have corrected her kindly and helped her learn where to post this type of blog post

2. By now, he knows the rules and should have backed me up

I spend hours inside the platform helping people, encouraging people who are new, and those who are doing a great job helping other members and I hope all newer members build awesome futures here in WA but please follow the guidelines and stick to business.

Facebook is filled with personal posts so take them there not here, please.

With over 2 million members, if everyone decided to do a personal blog, this place wouldn't be a great place to be to learn how to become a great business owner and builder.

Long standing Members

Many of the longer serving members have left, no longer spend time here or are getting very despondent with all the non-business posts and I personally miss their input. You know who you are and I will always be so grateful to what I have learned from all of you and wish you were here still adding value to this platform.

Before I go:

Please take a good look inside the platform, push all the buttons and go on a Wealthy Affiliate adventure and remember to always speak kindly and respectfully to other members in live chat as this place has also led members to leave and build somewhere else.

I apologize if this sounds like a rant but I see so many new members every day and I hope this helps you to learn that checking out everything inside the platform will open more and more doors to answers and training to help you build stronger online.

Until next time

What are your thoughts on this?

Have you pushed all the buttons/icons inside this great platform?

Enjoy another biz building day and go well.

and Remember:


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Johnpavich Premium
Good post!
I have noticed some posts about something that has no learning purpose .
However some can be quite funny and uplifting and I will read them as I feel it benefits my well being which helps me to feel more positive and want to write more blogs.
Sometimes you just never know where you will get inspiration 🤔👌speaking from over 30 yrs of being in sales.
As long as it's positive it may help someone .
I do agree something to do with learning more info to help us in wa is always good but newbies or people with little computer experience have no expertise to add perhaps .
It reminds me of the time I was in Hawaii years ago and was playing tennis with a friend .
After a short while he said I can't play with you and refused to play with me . I was a little taken back.
He said I didn't know how to hit the ball properly and was hitting the ball all over the place and a lot of balls out of the lines.
So, when I got home I signed up for some professional lessons from a semi pro tennis player at my local community centre.

After a few lessons I knew how to hit the ball properly and then understood what my friend meant.

I wasn't hitting the ball right and some newbies at wa may not be also they may need a few more lessons ha ha 😁👌

Have a great day♥️☝️
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Vicki,

Oh, well, a little rant cleans the air. We are members of a democratic platform where we can speak our minds.
When I look back at my total 49 posts, it is quite a cocktail I must admit. I only write 1 a month and try my best, but I do have a slip up now and then. So be it.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Vickic3 Premium
Good morning my friend
Yes, we all slip up now and then for sure.
Thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts

Enjoy your new week ahead and keep building your awesome new site
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Let’s go and enjoy your journey! 🥳
Vickic3 Premium
Absolutely Stanley
Happy builders
Let's go :)
Pedrone Premium
Great Post!
it feels like a training..

I like it very much!

have a wonderful day!:)
Vickic3 Premium
Thank you, Pietro and I am glad you got something from this post
Enjoy your new week ahead
DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you Vicki,

I relate to your post & Jack Rae's message.

I keep going over the last chapter of training at WA rather than move forward to the next chapter.

Vickic3 Premium
Thanks for your support Denis and yes sometimes we just need to believe more in our abilities and keep moving forward however with training it's often good to go back and check through things to see if you are on track
Keep building strong Denis