What does your daily routine look like?

Last Update: October 01, 2015

Well - up to not long ago, my day started out rather early. We had a little café in the city which meant we set off at around 6am. The day was long and stretched into the early evening.

I have since given that up and am now solely working from home. I am new to Internet Marketing but having come across Wealthy Affiliate I feel that I am moving forward, slowly but surely.

My daily routine now starts at around 8am when I grab a coffee, do at least 45 minutes of exercise, shower, have breakfast and turn my computer on.

The rest of my day is mostly spent at my computer, with coffee, lunch etc in between.

Since joining WA I find that I can't wait to get to my computer and continue going through the various courses. I am totally hooked!! The best thing is that my daily routine is no longer regimented.

How have your days changed since joining WA?

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Natasha76 Premium
I feel the same.
When I knock off at 2pm I cannot wait to get home, to do my things and take off on my laptop. I cant wait every day, and sometimes i am so down when something happens that i have to attend to that is preventing me from getting to my pc. Its all i want to do. Cannot wait to do it full time.

What does one do say in a school holiday with 4 boys, I just cannot come near my pc. Then I feel like now the october school holiday i will not be able to spend time per day, not with 4 boys. I have no one to look after them. And not talking about december coming up, I cannot lose 6 weeks, when will you ever get where you want to be if you cannot spend time to your business every school holiday?

Have some advice? Or should I not be so hard on myself, i feel quilty if i cannot spend time on my business,should it be a big concern?
Loes Premium
My days haven't changed much, I start every morning at 6 am, then 6.30 the first children for the daycare come through the door and we eat together breakfast.
8.30 they go to school, then I have free to fill in my own time until 14.00, after that the children are back - 3 or 4 daycare and 2 of my own, until 18.00, and after 19.00 I am back in (wa) business until bedtime:)

The computer is alway online, and I check posts during the whole day:)
uncleyeti Premium
My days are pretty much the same. I start at 5:30 am instead of 4 am like I did when I had a job. It's less structured now, because some people are just not consistent, and due to my situation I have to go with the flow. My computer is always on, with the exception of Wednesday afternoons and the occasional power outages. I write and research when I can and for now that will have to do.
AlexEvans Premium
Definitely changed and for the better . Still working on many aspects relating to productivity . So I can pack more into the day .
BelieveItYes Premium
Oh yes my days have definitely changed since I came across WA ! =) for the better!

I am definitely more focused and excited. I wake up every morning looking forward to working on my website, helping people, writing new posts and so on.

I also exercise more, practice at least 40 minutes of yoga and bodybuilding 5 days a week... I try to take breaks although when I'm working on my website it feels like time flies and I never get bored so I can spend up to 13 hours in a row in front of my computer lol...
But then when I am not working I am really enjoying going to the market or spending time in the woods or by the lake...
WA has made my life a lot easier !!

Thanks for this post
All the best