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January 19, 2016
I thought I would share my thoughts as I've had a few members ask about income earned through the WA membership.Well, I have been here for four months now. I am still learning and I am sure I will continue to learn something new every day I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate.Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to put up my first website, in fact my third website will be up and running in a couple of days. I have learned how to start an online business from scratch, including how to build a website,
December 22, 2015
Does anyone here make resolutions for the New Year.Do you also have resolutions for the year ahead in terms of your business?I have just outlined my New Year's resolutions, both personal and business and am looking forward to a great year ahead.Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.Victoia
November 20, 2015
HIDoes anyone know if there is a free plugin for the purpose of Affiliate Disclosure in compliance with the FTC rules?I came across Insta Legal Pages but this is a paid option - Your advice greatly appreciated.Thank youVictoria
I spent a good number of hours sorting out my passwords over the past week. After completeing the set up I took the Security Challenge and my LastPass Standing is now 3% - I started out at 74% It all started like this.......I received an email from Amazon to advise that my account security may have been compromised. I did some research and came across this neat program which has allowed me to create unique passwords to each and every account. The password manager saves the passwords and logs me
Well - the Draft Investigatory Power Bill has now been announced. Details of UK website visits are to be stored for 12 months. All service providers must store everyone's internet activity. This will be available to intelligence officers or police and every site we visit will be visible to them. This includes both broadband and mobile phone providers.Here is how our movements will be stored - as reported by the BBC"The bill would oblige broadband and mobile phone providers to hold connection
Well, it will be two months since I joined Wealthy Affiliate very soon (2nd November) I am still as excited about WA as I was on day 1. If anything I am more of an addict to it than I was in my first few days.We all know that the training and tools here are great but the community is just something else. The members here are really there for each other, irrespective of whether they enrolled a free member or not, they are always available to welcome new members and above all answer any questions
October 18, 2015
A few years ago - I looked into Affiliate Marketing, an online Home Based Business, a Work from home opportunity and whatever else I could think of!!! I have been rather blessed in a way as I have been "semi retired" for a few years. I have recently turned 53 years old but when I hit the big 40 I decided to "slow down a little!!!" I have a few rental properties therefore don't need to hold a traditional full time job for an income.After looking online for something to occupy my time I came acro
I posted this to my website today and thought I would post it here in the hope that it may be inspirational to some.We are all Entrepeneurs. It's a Mindset, Not a Business Model. This is what Donna M. De Carolis stated in Forbes earlier this year.I won’t try to get into your mind, really!! But I’ll tell you a little bit about mine!My mindset is such that I will never ask for hand-outs, nor will I ever expect a miracle. I will never expect to find myself at the other end of the rainb
I have been a member here at Wealthy Affiliate for 5 weeks and 1 days (to be precise!!)When I first signed up, I was very confident that this was really the place to be however I can honestly say that I never expected to learn so much.I am moving slowly through the training, sometimes going over a particular lesson within a course if I feel that I didn't quite grasp the tutorial and it's great to be able to do that.I am currently hoping to finish Course 3 at Affiliate Bootcamp by the end of thi
Well - up to not long ago, my day started out rather early. We had a little café in the city which meant we set off at around 6am. The day was long and stretched into the early evening.I have since given that up and am now solely working from home. I am new to Internet Marketing but having come across Wealthy Affiliate I feel that I am moving forward, slowly but surely.My daily routine now starts at around 8am when I grab a coffee, do at least 45 minutes of exercise, shower, have breakfa