Monetizing your Blog as a Beginner

Last Update: Apr 13, 2016


As a beginner might one struggle to get approved by Google Adsense. Google Adsense requires high amounts of traffic before being approved. As a beginner, it is not easy to obtain the desired traffic and takes time to build the traffic on your website. I came across a good alternative to Google Adsense:


There are some requirements and restrictions on Advertopia:

  • Your website should receive at least 5000 monthly impressions.
  • Your website should be a self-hosted website and you must own a top level domain. They do not accept free hosted and sub-domain websites.
  • Your website must be functionally correct, active, and receive real visits.
  • Your website must not host excessive ads.
  • Your website must not contain indecent material, adult content and should not be linked to any such website.
  • Your website must not encourage clicks, must not be a PTP or auto-surf website.

I started using Advertopia recently and seem to like it a lot. If you looking to monetize your blog using ads, give Advertopia a try

Recent Comments


Thanks for sharing this with us.

my pleasure

thank you for the tips

my pleasure

Never heard of Advertopia. Enlightening post.

give it a try and see it it works for you

great blog thanks for sharing

My pleasure, hope it helps :-)

What do you mean by;
"Your website must not encourage clicks, must not be a PTP or auto-surf website"?

I think it means fake clicks or artificial traffic

PTP - Paid To Promote

Blackhat techniques to earn money

Thanks crazyjoe :-)


Sorry, It is not allowed to add affiliate links here.
Spam is a no-no

Thanks for informing, made the adjustments

I just got approved by Google Adsense and my adds are showing as of yesterday. Gigidy!


Another easy-to-be-approved-for Adsense Alternative to check out is Infolinks:

I tried infolinks and did not like it, thanks though.

Thanks for information.

my pleasure

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