The Importance Of Staying Focused

Last Update: March 12, 2014

As I mentioned in my last post it is important to stay focused and work the niche you start with. I'm sure many people are still going to switch and maybe switching once or twice isn't so bad but in my early days as a marketer I was like a super bounce ball.

I would build a site and just start to get it the way I wanted it when I would not so much lose interest as get sidetracked thinking another niche was more lucrative or would be more interesting to me.

I'm sure some of you have hobbies that you can turn into niches and that's great if you do but I think most of us are trying to find something that we can make a hobby out of or something that is close to us.

The thing is you have to remember the money, that's why we are all here right? I mean I enjoy many aspects of marketing but the money is why I do it, the rest is just a bonus.

Again the Boot Camp is perfect for anyone who isn't sure what to do because they have a step by step walk through and a proven track record. I know several people that make a very nice income just from their Boot Camp sites.

The important part is to spend a few days deciding the niche you want then putting all other niches aside and working the one you have. Once that site is off the ground and making a decent amount of money you will naturally want to move onto new projects but if you don't stick with something and follow through I can promise you that you will not make any steady money.

Success is measured in many ways but mostly it's measured in money so focus on that then it's easy to move onto something else.

The more you do the more you can do.

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LisaShuman Premium
Thanks for sharing. You were right.
lindasea Premium
Great Counsel! Mirrors what we have been told in our lessons and from experience, that of yours and that of the WA founders, has to be spot on.

Ty Johnson Premium
I learned here at WA too but this comes from 100% experience on my part. I spent so much time bouncing around in the beginning and someone asked me what my biggest piece of advice was and I didn't hesitate to say don't bounce around just pick something and stick with it.
lindasea Premium
Really do appreciate the feedback, Ty.
Trialynn Premium
I agree with most of you post. But I believe you should focus on the client of your website, not the money for best results.
Maybe this post will explain my point of view just a little better:
If you don't care about your clients, chances are, you are doing it for the money. Put it this way. If there was no money involved in doing this, would you do it? Now, this isn't directed personally at you, but is a question for everyone. If you do, you have altruism. That's the tops when it comes to selflessness.

The thing if it is, we ARE in this for the money or most of us wouldn't be here. Albeit, we also treat our clients as human beings and not numbers or dollar signs. There are people out there making windfalls of money putting out bogus programs and these people can sleep at night. VERY sad!

Everybody (99.9%) who are marketing on the Internet are doing so because there is a financial reward for doing so. Else, I firmly believe the Internet would still be education and military.

I read the blog post. You are very correct that we should focus on the client. To do this, we provide REAL value and offer support. We go the whole nine yards with people and this equates to value - something to really focus on.

Your post is correct in that we should not deliver as though what WE think should be this or that would be the big hit in value, but what the client wants. We are simply messengers and we get paid for our services. We have this:

<< ALTRUISM | - | - | - | - | GREED >>

Where do we draw the line? I don't think there's a single person on WA, including Kyle & Carson that are all the way to the left. There's ample teaching on here and in spirit also that we stay out of the extreme right.

Going to the far left is extremely rare
Going to the far right is, unfortunately, rampart.
Ty Johnson Premium
I never meant to insinuate that you shouldn't treat the clients right. I say that and actually stress that all the time.

I'm talking about staying focused and not bouncing around from one project to another before the one your working on is making money.

I agree that whatever project you're working on you need to have good business ethic because there are so many ways to make money by helping people I can't imagine why anyone would want to mistreat their customers.
I can vouch for the Boot Camp. It wasn't until I started this Course that I began making income from that campaign. I have not finished the Boot Camp by any means. Everything in that regard has come to a standstill due extenuating circumstances and having been ill.

It took one article written a certain way or simply published at the right time and place. I can see the possibility of any article landing this way amongst opportunity-seekers.

Trying to get life out of the way enough to put one of these out per day would probably push me over the edge of not having to worry about employment again (at least for now.)
Ty Johnson Premium
Thanks for the comment. That is exactly what I mean and you are one of the people I was referring to when I said I know several people that are making some bank on the Camp.

Staying focused on your writing is always the key, content generation is key and that takes a lot of focus.
This takes a LOT of discipline too. I'm not always on top of this, but I try to be. That's right - it is too easy to pan off stuff that needs to be done now for later and this does equate to inconsistency. I know - I do it myself.
Ty Johnson Premium
Yeah it's very easy to do but if you treat it like a regular job it's easier. basically plan your work then work your plan.

Sometimes you just have to pretend that the boss gave you a task and you have to complete it. It's so easy to say "OH I changed my mind and do something else out of laziness.
This is definitely the aspect of being responsible and doing the work like one would a job. That's the way business should be approached - either in doing it or sourcing it out and then looking into higher aspects of the business and how to grow it.

I'm not always proficient at getting my tasks done every day. I get distracted easily and living very close to the edge, which doesn't help morale either. However, today is a new day. It is a day to straighten out my ways and improve upon what I have already.

I said before that it's not work I hate, it's employment. A LOT of people have called me lazy, good for nothing, don't want to work, spends his time playing around on the computer without understanding what it is I am trying to accomplish.

One of the places I lived (my first year at WA) I was nearly dragged out of the house in Ohio where I was at the time by angry neighbors who could see me in the window day after day trying to learn WA. It was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with online marketing. I am getting the same thing right here, but not on such a violent level.

Back then, I had no income. At least today I have no income except what I do earn from the Internet. So I've progressed.

It is SO easy to miss out on the tasks side of things that if one isn't careful, he/she WILL be goofing off on the computer. I've had my share. If I were to be able to replay my WA time, I think that by now, I'd be making more than a full income from here.

A significant amount of time should be put aside every day - and I'm talking about full-time days too. Probably the only folks who are doing anything with what they learn here, are those that truly become their own bosses and are disciplined enough to get it done. This goes along with employment mentality I mentioned in other places. Having a boss over you is one thing. It's easy to get the work done. The real test comes in not having that boss, but still getting the job done.