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March 13, 2014
If you think about it we're all just farmers. We plant seeds everywhere we go and we hope that we're around when it's time to harvest. I tell my kids all the time the same things my parents told me when I was growing up. It used to drive me crazy listening to it but looking back now I'm so grateful that I had parents who cared enough to plant those seeds. Sure not all the planted seeds grew to harvest and maybe they planted a few things they didn't mean to but whatever, that's life. The point i
As I mentioned in my last post it is important to stay focused and work the niche you start with. I'm sure many people are still going to switch and maybe switching once or twice isn't so bad but in my early days as a marketer I was like a super bounce ball. I would build a site and just start to get it the way I wanted it when I would not so much lose interest as get sidetracked thinking another niche was more lucrative or would be more interesting to me. I'm sure some of you have hobbies
Joining WA is a double edged sword. I learned so much about building websites and getting traffic which is easier than building the site in my opinion but I also used to spend so much time helping people I wouldn't get my own work done. All things in moderation, I suppose that includes helping people too lol. I can honestly say that WA taught me the basics and gave me the ability to stand on my own two feet in the marking world but it didn't come easy. I spent countless hours asking questions a
December 20, 2012
Have you ever wondered what makes some of your content get ranked while other things you have written end up in the vast abyss that is everything beyond page 1? The answer in most cases is social engagement.The more people who social your work the more Google will say hey this must be interesting to people because lots of people are sharing it. Most of you know that even if you're brand new to internet marketing.What you may not know is that Google also takes how many comments a piece of c
Social media is one of the easiest and yet most powerful back links you can get to your site! No you didn't read that wrong it is not only the easiest backlink to obtain but it is the most powerful backlink you can have.The way it works is simple, when Google's crawlers are out doing there thing one thing they always look for is signs of social activity. Have people been +1ing, liking, tweeting, Pinning or otherwise sharing it on a social media platform?Google figures hey if people are
December 01, 2012
Hey everyone, I wanted to see if I could help clear a few things up about internet marketing to maybe make things a bit clearer for some of my new friends around WA here. I am always getting questions that are a result of the person not understanding the big picture.Sure we all understand that our logo is like our sign but what some people I think have trouble connecting with is the over all flow of a website. Yesterday's Holiday Hot Seat really taught me a lot about how people might find
Here's a question for you. Do you trust Google with your information? What are the potential problems with doing so? Is it possible that even if Google's intent is never to use your information in a way that would violate your privacy they could be forced to cave into government pressures to release information?Has Google already released information to the the U.S. and U.K. Governments? Have they collaborated with the Chinese government to sensor search results for Chinese citizens? Wha
October 31, 2012
Wealthy Affiliate is a lot of things to a lot of people. To me it represents honesty and places people before profits. Not that Wealthy Affiliate doesn't make a ton of revenue but that is precisely my point.Let me explain what I mean. OK, over the years we have all seen many companies start out with a great product at a fair price and we have watched as these companies build their reputations and wow their customers.Then what happens the bean counters show up and ruin everything by forge
October 24, 2012
Hello everyone. I'm Ty Johnson and this is my Wealthy Affiliate story. I joined here on black Friday 2011. When I first landed here I knew absolutely nothing about Internet marketing except that there was a lot of people offering to teach me all kinds of ways to make a ton of money in no time flat and none of them ever delivered on their promises.When I first came across WA I had already been through the ringer a few times and I was not really willing to spend money to see if they were th
So I woke up this morning and after my initial yawning and stretching I sat down at my desk and checked my email and what do I see? "Your "Traffic" Hookup!"I usually just scrap this sort of junk because I already know what's inside. It looks something like this. I had to laugh when I saw this but I clicked the link mostly just for a laugh. The first 10 min of the video was some woman telling me how this was not a get rich quick scheme. How she was making millions of dollars with her "re