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Last Update: March 10, 2018
For Soaring

No fear, little bird... Wings like the freedoms we aspire to, ascend by an even simple breath of wind

Just Breathe, and her facing, sometimes gentle urging; often direct and profound, she will not lie

You will know where her tumultous fury bids you, there, find cover

No fear, little bird, "Breathe...and Allow your Spirit, soaring".

Tru-Junco 3/08/2018

>>>inspired from a discussion with our friend, Verazhelvis, on Poetry, and the multitudes of us, >>> "Who would aspire to Success".

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Fleeky Premium
There is


And some think
It is all the same...
leebray Premium
You hit the nail on the head with post. Great post. Thanks David
codevonish Premium
Love it , thanks for sharing, Is it a humming bird, it looks so still?
Trujunco Premium
Indeed it is Courtney, thanks to virtues of speed photography we are now able to slow down even wings of a bird
Love Hummingbirds by the way, and all birds intrigue me as messengers.
More on that when we should meet as I am hopeful one day for that to happen. My moniker suggests I may one day fly toward your view of the sun.
Thanks for coming over to have a read on my post. Your input is important to my learning and experience.

It is sunny here in the Midwest...kind regards
DrTad Premium
Thank you for sharing David.
StPaul Premium
Thanks for sharing!