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Last Update: Sep 23, 2020

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Once again I'm scratching my head as I take a step forward into further training, adding more to my website, only to be kicked back again by something. Continuing on, and in my last blog published I spoke of Amazon pulling the plug on me for "poor performance," this knocked my confidence in my site and my abilities but I managed to rectify the issue by signing up again, going through the steps and then changing every link, banner and Amazon related affiliation with my new affiliate ID.

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Cashed Out

Today I received an email from Awin, an affiliate network informing me that Quidco has now done the same, but with good reason, according to the reply I got from my comments sent back. Either way though, when merchants pull the plug on you, it's then a case of changing out all your posts and pages with their references as above, links, images, banners and adverts as they become void and won't earn you anything if that.

It's something I simply can't understand in the small print of these merchants, you're promoting their business, products and services for FREE, that's right, no charge to them from myself, that's an extra website bringing in traffic and potential customers for them.

Affiliation Details

I obviously can't force people to click, sign up and buy but at least, in the case of Quidco for example I've featured them through many posts, where applicable. This merchant was one of the first I jumped on as I use them myself and getting cashback from goods does come in handy. My site has gone through changes for the better and by recommendation, it's gone from all types of indoor entertainment including toys, games, arts and crafts, hobbies, interests, modeling, movies, home theater, baking, party games etc to JUST indoor gaming, that's video, card and board games - my passion and my niche.

Although Quidco isn't tied into gaming it is with stores and merchants I'm affiliated with and promote. I inform my readers about cashback deals on my niche products and therefore leave Quidco in and a chance for readers to make use of the discounts. The news to leave me was not needed and again based on yearly "poor performance" and no one signing up apparently.

Finding The Issue

I'm approaching another premium membership to Wealthy Affiliate come the end of the year and this will be my third payment to keep running. I know the issue is with me and my approach. It's not the work, I'm sticking in the hours daily around a full-time job, trying for more over the weekend as set out in my original goals. I'm following the training and creating content when prompted (although when one post is prompted, I push for two). I can see activity on affiliate dashboard platforms, Google Console and Google Analytics with regard to clicks, unique clicks, CTR, and impressions but I'm getting no monetary activity, not enough traffic or exposure.

Rest and Restore

These merchant set-backs don't help and neither does reading success stories from people who've been at it only three to six months and have got something back. I know my weakness is content frequency, site feedback and comments, interactions etc I've just got to figure it out. I'm proud of my visually appealing and detailed content but I keep asking myself if it is what people want to read. I'm not a "giver upper" and just need support and guidance from the WA community and maybe a shift of direction or plan of action. Is anyone else at the end of their tether, confidence shattering and the feeling of throwing their money away more than an investment into one self?

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Keep trying Treadstone. I had the Amazon issue. Work on your content & don`t give up. This process works!

Cheers fella, need all the support I can get at the moment.

Keep pushing forward, even though many times it seems like one step forward then two or more steps back! It can be the nature of the beast, but if you continue to persevere, you will get to where you are going, Stephen!


Sometimes it's hard to know what to do to do right, as you don't want to waste money, but you wouldn't want to give up too early either and miss out. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor a week, nor a month. It took years!

Sometimes when affiliate programs pull the plug on you for lack of sales it is because you are not getting enough eyes on your site. It is always better o build your content and your followers and then to try to monetize your site.

At least then you don't get these kicks and setbacks. Look at your posts. Are they interesting enough? Are you getting many followers and readers?

It is time to look for reasons for Nany poor response. Certainly, a lack of frequency will always affect your rankings.


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