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November 13, 2020
Good morning folks, haven't blogged for a while, in fact I've not been on the Wealthy Affiliate platform for a while or worked on my website either. In a nutshell I've had a couple of weeks off work from October, recommended by my doctor due to mixed anxiety and depression disorder, which once diagnosed came as a shock. I'm currently off work again now for another extended spell until the end of November and I'm trying to switch my head back on to Wealthy Affiliate and daily structure.LostI'
September 23, 2020
Once again I'm scratching my head as I take a step forward into further training, adding more to my website, only to be kicked back again by something. Continuing on, and in my last blog published I spoke of Amazon pulling the plug on me for "poor performance," this knocked my confidence in my site and my abilities but I managed to rectify the issue by signing up again, going through the steps and then changing every link, banner and Amazon related affiliation with my new affiliate ID.Previou
I've recently been airing my thoughts and concerns to the Wealthy Affiliate community and have had some kind comments back. I'm currently on furlough from work since March 2020 with the potential of redundancy in the next couple of months. With this in mind it has at least given me the space and time to work on my website and niche that I started out on in November 2018.Working Right and Working HardJust lately the self-doubts and lack of motivation has started to set in after reading people'
As my journey through Wealthy Affiliate continues, learning about website creation, affiliate marketing, links and SEO, I've come across a topic that's causing me great confusion and is haunting me daily. Despite my thorough research reading various conflicting views and opinions across the web, putting suggestions into practice and editing images over and over (a task getting larger, the more content I add) I cannot make up my mind on the accurate metadata that accompanies an uploaded image.
HI 2 you all at this apprehensive time during the global news of the COVID-19 worldwide spread. For a moment let's pay a thought for all the unlucky individuals that have lost their lives through this viral outbreak, the impact on families and friends and the dedicated medical staff at hospitals, local GP's and in social care - This is SERIOUS, this is HAPPENING and this is REAL. This would be the first time my generation has gone through a crisis like this and when roads are quiet, shops and
Under the MicroscopeAs I've mentioned in a few of my Wealthy Affiliate blogs, I have a very meticulous nature in my character and a keen eye for detail. Throughout my journey with WA and it's training platform, not only have I created some interesting blogs here but also a fully developing website and it amazes me that I like a few new community members I was once where they were and asking the all too familiar questions. Some of the work I've done on the site has been large in content and so
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November 29, 2019
I've had the official notification from Wealthy Affiliate recently, stating that I've been with them and using the platform for one year now. It's deffinately a milestone of sorts and gives me chance to reflect on what I've done, achieved and importantly to me, what I've not done. I'm not too happy with my progress or my slacked attitude some nights after working a job through the day too. I don't push myself enough, I lose focus and in turn I lose the great attitude to the work. Once I
October 22, 2019
Odometer Over the weekend I did some driving about in my motor, a few chores and that and found myself getting giddy at the thought that my vehicle had almost clocked 60,000 miles. It was hard to concentrate on the road with that lumbering event about to happen, my eyes were darting up and down between the dash and the windscreen wanting to witness the change and not wanting to miss it. . . I believe I did unfortunately, but better safe than sorry. It was a little like that feeling we've al
August 24, 2019
Level Two - Lost LuggageI finally leave a long level two training section behind, during which I created some well established content. It seems like an age since I started level two and what it had me doing. I know I've taken my time and I'm aware that my productivity and focus has been a little off here and there but I hope that the more serious stuff will slap me in the face and wake me up.Level Three - Carry OnI'm new to this next level and don't have a clue what's coming, excited to find
The Journey As level two becomes small in distance, just a destination on my journey that I stopped off at, I soar upwards and onward to a new level three in this Wealthy Affiliate training. It's on final approach as I look back at the journey so far and my accomplishments and progress to be proud of. I started out in November 2018 and although a technically minded guy was very new to website building, SEO, affiliate marketing, Jaaxy and Wordpress. I've had my "eureka" moments and personal
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