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Cruise ControlI've recently and finally finished a keyword rich article which I'm proud of and have had a good response and feedback from members of the WA community, thank you all, you know who you are. The article has taken a while, not that I regret this as I'm going at my own pace, enjoying the journey and want to present a great job.My website is in need a little work according to the stats, this is why I took time out from writing and started feedback on other websites, to gain feedback
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March 27, 2019
"Obi-Wan, promise me you will train the boy. the Chosen One...he will bring balance to the Force. Train him." ---- Qui-Gon JinnIt seems the universe is filled with infinite examples of "balance", an opposing opposite of something is always present. When ever there is rain it's always followed by clear skies, wherever there is evi
March 05, 2019
The Compound EffectI'm currently reading a book called, 'The Compound Effect' by Darren Hardy, some of you may be aware of it, others not. I'm not even half-way through and it has started to inspire me already to follow the guidance presented and put into my life and lifestyle choices and my Wealthy Affiliate work. Darren talks of the familiar story of, "The Hare and the Tortoise" and encourages us in making small steps and changes in life but keep them constant and consistent everyday onward
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February 15, 2019
The wheels are in motion and things have started to take shape since adding some imagery. It's made the website and the articles I've written so far come alive from stagnant black and white, and breathes color now. In doing so and seeing the results it has spurred me on to want to create more articles and blogs, accompanied by creative imagery, which I'm sure I'll be doing as the training and courses progress further.The Sculpting Process It's taken me a little time to perfect my layout an
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February 11, 2019
Monday is always a blue day for some, first day back to work after a weekend of rest or play, not much happens on a Monday and it always feels like an integration day, getting the mind to focus on work and get into gear after a weekend and ready for the working week ahead. The working week realistically starts on a Tuesday, well for me anyway.So what's been the highlight of my Monday so far, well it has to be a small change with regard to my website. Small but surely powerful, I've had an ema
January 23, 2019
I just wanted to create a short blog before powering down and report that this evening I've been getting creative, putting my 'Photoshop 7' skills to good use and creating some western themed photos for one of my keyword rich articles. Using various techniques, methods, filters and skills in this area, I've converted some simple photos to an old west style and making them look, vintage, old, worn, dusty etc.It's been great fun to work on and will fit nicely into my published article. As some
I wanted to just document and mention that I finally arrived at a satisfactory completion of my second keyword rich article, despite it taking a little time to do. It's a thorough piece themed around the wild west era and in a way has set a standard for myself. Firstly as mentioned in my last blog it was originally going to be one article under one keyword, but having in excess of eight topics I wanted to write about, that would be covered by the keyword and yet still staying in the boundarie
January 06, 2019
HI 2 you all fellow readers, thought I'd post a quick blog and update on how I'm doing and where I am since joining Wealthy Affiliate in November 2018. I'm still working on and am in the process of a second keyword rich article as well as waiting on earning another community feedback credit. Progress through the course, lessons and material feels like and appears at a slower pace than others but I try not let this factor phase me, I'm in no rush, it's not a race and I do like to be thorough
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I've hit a milestone I've been aiming for today, which is the completion of the first keyword rich article. Weighing in at 2418 words and after cutting it shorter based on WA community advice and recommendations, I can say it's finished, complete and published - with room to add to at a later date.I've had to edit it further and mess with it in Wordpress, as I still haven't confidently got my head around the spacing, paragraph, heading, indents and bullet point functions in Site Content. With
December 17, 2018
HI 2 fellow WA's and readers. I've not posted a blog for a bit as I've been deep into content creation, a few hours a night after work and it's looking good and reads informatively. This article is the first "keyword rich content" from stage 2 of the training and after the initial "About Me" and "Privacy Policy" posts/pages. Concerning me at the moment is the length of the article and I've not even finished to a conclusion as yet. According to the goal statistics and minimum counts, I hav