Unplugged and Drained - Can I Stay Afloat?

Last Update: Aug 5, 2020

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I've recently been airing my thoughts and concerns to the Wealthy Affiliate community and have had some kind comments back. I'm currently on furlough from work since March 2020 with the potential of redundancy in the next couple of months. With this in mind it has at least given me the space and time to work on my website and niche that I started out on in November 2018.

Working Right and Working Hard

Just lately the self-doubts and lack of motivation has started to set in after reading people's sales statistics and successes on WA, one of which recently earned after only eight months in. I'm not sure if these blogs I'm reading are inspirational, motivational or just darn frustrating. I have a great niche, have worked hard on the site and am checking my affiliate platforms a few times a week for activity reports. I'm getting the clicks and impressions, but not a great deal of traffic or CTR. Am I doing something wrong even though I'm carefully following and acting on every step of the training, of which I'm still at level 3 absorbing the knowledge, re-reading the text and re-watching the videos.

Away from the training I'm posting and spreading to social media channels for more exposure, every new article or post I write up and am currently finishing off one right now. Although I'm enjoying the creative process I'd like to at least see some reward for my efforts, for one to go towards the yearly WA premium costs and to show that what I'm doing is working and I do have it. Just lately I feel I am just writing and working on posts for a "dead" website and with this in mind, demotivates me although I don't want to quit.

Amazon Pulls the Plug

Lastly, as if things can't get any worse, I've had the following email below from Amazon Associates. I really don't understand their mentally though as products on their website are promoted for FREE on my site which they will make from more than I and only because there's been no sales they want to fob me off, this is so deflating and draining. Maybe I should wash my hands of them as well. If I can't continue with them then that means editing EVERY Amazon affiliate link as text or image and text and find suitable replacements. This will be more work on top of work already. I will of course leave all my posts in place and try to re-apply first.

"We are writing to notify you that your Amazon.co.uk Associates Programme account has been closed due to a lack of activity. It is our programme policy to close accounts that do not register three sales within 180 days of account creation.

You are free to reapply to the Associates Programme at any time but we recommend only doing so once your site is established and receives consistent traffic. Articles and guides with practical information about how to get your site noticed can be found at our Resource Centre.

If you wish to reapply to the programme, you can find the application form here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.co.uk/signup

Best regards,

The Amazon.co.uk Associates Team

Drain Unblocked

I'm not a quitter and I've paid too much into this now, creating something working and professional looking. I've just got to re-approach this, rework some work goals and continue the training. Unblock the blockage and get some fresh water flowing through! If others can do it, so can I surely. I'm not drowning or sunk just yet and I'm reaching out for support, advice and help. Ideally I could do with someone going over and through my site and giving me some pointers, a personal sponsor (as advised) to guide me through the next few months or so. I've already put the site through a design revamp after listening to feedback and Kyle's advice. Is anybody else in the same situation as I, who have put the hours in but aren't being rewarded?

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Hey, Stephen. I'm sorry you are having this problem at such a troubled time. If you are not getting the response you need, much less want, I suggest taking a good look at whether you are offering what people are looking for by checking places like Amazon to see what people are buying. If they are buying on Amazon what you are offering, you may need some changes in the structure of your site. Hope this doesn't sound too elementary, but it is given with the intention to help and encourage. Wishing you all the best.

Hi Stephen, sounds like you are doing the right things. I have been at it a year now, I discount the first 3 months I spent chasing shiny objects. I have revamped posts a few times now adding links etc
I gave up on Amazon when they dropped the percentage paid out. It was a lot of effort to get the first 3 sales and definitely not worth the small amount of commission paid.
I went to Awin, they have a huge variety of companies wanting affiliates that pay far better money.
Do you work at your social media to increase followers or just share. Do you do Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram? They are very popular sites for bringing traffic.
Good luck.

PS: Your websites or sites aren't on your profile. I looked for it/them as you wanted them to be evaluated.

I definitely put in the hours and I have just started to get to the frustrated point. However, I know for me it is to early to expect any monetary gain. I want to be there already as life continues on and money is needed at every turn.

I have read all kinds of articles on the subject of "how long it takes" and I've seen it all the way up to 5 years. Most said 6 months to a year and a half. A few said 2 years.

I try to remember that it takes time to run a business. Most offline businesses take up to 5 years to really start making money and they say 2 at minimum.

So best advice is to keep at it! It stinks that it takes time but it is part of the journey!

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