6. Poll the Experts

I have been approached a few times about my expertise either in search engine optimization or affiliate marketing. It's a really cool thing to have happen in your niche. It's a result of building your brand (branding) and creating yourself as an authority on the topic. (Oh, and some nifty social media marketing!)

Sites like Quora and Medium are great ways to establish technical type authority. Also, several Q&A websites can help as well as forums within your chosen niche.

Regardless, one of the many viral blog posts I have researched are really about approaching established authority authors and website owners. And, then polling them for information on their success. What makes them tick? What was the catalyst for them building their website? How to they view upcoming marketing trends in that niche? Etc, Etc.

YOU jot down some questions that you have pondered and perhaps others are seeking answers for.

Then, develop an email to approach folks within your niche. Then, develop a list of folks you feel are influencers within your niche. Then, double that number of folks on your list, because you're not going to receive a 100 % response rate.

Start out at the BOTTOM!

(I'm sure this is where I got the invite!)

But, begin with lesser known authorities. And, as you go along, you'll have a list of names to can mention to the larger ones. The big guys won't want to be outdone by their competitors! Yep, it's another emotional trigger that when used effectively can do wonders for web traffic!

Website owners, experts, authors, heck - ALL of us - love to see our names in print. Use that to your advantage.

Then, publish your post and highlight the names of the contributors. Approach them again and ask them to share it. I'm sure they will. I sure did!!!

Okay, this got WAY longer than anticipated! My apologies.

But, I hope you gained a few nuggets of information and I was able to get those "Creative Juices" flowing!

Please share, bookmark and drop me a comment below!

Remember, we all started just where many of you are today. The ONLY difference between you and me is time!

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(Greatly appreciated!)

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Cheers my friends!


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VinceR Premium
Ok PJ...I'm lost!! (not unusual by ANY means!!) What does this phrase mean? "notice the number of shares that Samar obtained..."
I can't find any connection to that and what you have written through Lesson 2!

Thanks for your help...like what I've read so far.

TanjaRita Premium
He is talking about the number of people who shared the blog post via social networks. In this case there were 1.6K shares on twitter, 670 on LinkedIn, etc.
VinceR Premium
Thanks Tanja...what a doofus I are!! LOL!! If it had been a snake, it would have bit me!!
TanjaRita Premium
Hahaha, no problem. I have asked similar questions myself.
PjGermain Premium
Hey Vince, Oh, I meant social shares.... Twitter, Facebook, etc. It's a wee hard to see in that image though. My apologies.
PjGermain Premium
Ah, thanks AGAIN Tanja!!
lukebender Premium
Great training! Thanks PJ
PjGermain Premium
Thanks very much Luke!
white3322 Premium
once again helping me close the gap.
PjGermain Premium
Awesome! Again appreciated Darren!
PeterWolf Premium
OK so why then is the published WA propaganda
1. choose a niche
2. build a website
3. promote a product or service
4. make money
That's it! and 100% of the people who work hard make a living online.
Implying that those who don't make it, aren't working hard enough. That's easy or maybe they all aren't smart enough to grasp all the training all the time.
Clearly you state it takes more than that.
Frankly I'm overwhelmed with all there is do to be successful when at every turn there is this and that to do
I highly doubt for most of the hundreds of ordinary folks who join WA that this training is duplicatable.
It is a very select niche that can benefit from this, mostly the tech saavy is my guess
I think I'm in the wrong place and was just meant to be a 9-5 slave
It is posts/training like this that makes me stop and think, why am I here?
This is so much work and it depresses the hell out of me, not encourages me.
I've spent over a $1000 on website building and I highly doubt I'll see any of it back just blogging away with a monetized site.
EKautz Premium
Some folks are not entrepreneurs but all folks can be.

I'm not sure why you spent a grand on website building nor do I know why you are going bonkers over or, better yet, questioning the WA training and calling it propaganda.

What I do know is that you did not need to spend a grand for website building and WA is providing the highest quality training, tools and community that you can find. I can also tell you that this training that Peej just did is awesome. Me, I won't use it right now as I am busy building my business. I bookmarked it and will come back to it soon.

It sounds like you are getting burnt out and need a break, or you have already chosen to fail. Don't feel bad, many folks chose to fail while they think they are choosing to succeed. It's all up to you.

If you need me I'll be here for you.

mrwalt01 Premium
Hi PWolf,

Neither WA or PJGermain is wrong in this scenario. You are right that is takes a ton of work to get a business profitable and if anyone says different they are lying.

However, with that being said if this was easy and anyone could do it then there would be no opportunity.

I personally have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of my time to learn some of what is being taught here at a fraction of the cost.

Has the money I spent paid off? Yes, but I was just a frustrated as you as I saw other people making it happen and I wasn't.

My advice is to not wish that it was easy as the easier it is the less of an opportunity that you have. The less of an opportunity that is available the more money you are going to make if you are one of the one's that can grind it out for the long haul.

It is definitely getting harder to make money online if you do not have engaging or unique content as a lot of people are coming online looking for opportunities to free themselves. The mistake being made by a lot of people is just coping others and not being original. You do not need a new idea but you need to approach it in your own way.

There are not too many new things online that haven't already been done in some capacity, but the way people are approaching some of these things make them appear new.

I know this may not sound like much but people kept telling me the same thing as I wanted to quit years ago and now I have been working from home for the last 4 years.
PjGermain Premium
Wow, Peter, I'm sorry to hear that. Quite honestly, I've never spent that much on one website. In my humble opinion, one of the greatest aspects of Wealthy Affiliate is that it is duplicatable. You can select a niche, build a website around it and monetize it. And, if you do the work, hopefully it will be profitable. Then, you simple rinse and repeat. Keyword selection for website traffic is a huge key.

Lastly, the training I try to provide is simply in addition to the WA Training. It's simply help complement what is already here. I try my very best to provide training that is doable for absolutely zero cash. Things, I have tried and worked for me.

I have built 100s of websites in various niches and some earned me significant cash and others did not. The idea, of course, is to keep the ones that create profit and drop the ones that don't.
PeterWolf Premium
I don't feel bad, I've paid for a year
I'll know whether I should continue after that
PjGermain Premium
Well said, Sean! Thanks very much!
PeterWolf Premium
Hey mrwalt01
I never said he was wrong
I've been through the training
It looks like I'm just trading a job for a work from home job. Isn't your ass sore?
I'll stay the year but I'm not finding this fun or rewarding
Like I said it may not be for me
I won't pi$$ on anyone going out the door
I just resent being told I'm not doing enough
PeterWolf Premium
Ok let me clarify the investment as I was including the WA membership
+ custom theme
+ Jaaxy
+ Fiverr outsourcing banner
+ FB promotional ads
+ miscellaneous niche subscriptions

How can anyone here be surprised at a $1000 investment in website tools?
This just boggles my mind coming from senior people here when I've been told by countless ambassadors that you get what you pay for and for free what do you expect to get? A place at the front of the line?
Should I name names here?

So, let's not do any of that and let's say I go with a FREE theme provided here and just write content and keep writing content

That's it?
...and eventually your site makes money?

Then I made a big mistake by what I thought was leveraging the training by then going out and buying the extra tools that are all recommended within the WA training like (aweber + Jaaxy) links are provided.

I know now this was a big mistake, but hey just like your training it's a learning curve.
I disagree with you in the sense that newbies will never grasp this training in my opinion. Most struggle to enable comments.

It is meant more for senior members and those with more of a grasp on the technical side of website building and what it takes. That's OK

New members are under the illusion it takes a lot less than that to make money online!
Harrysastar2 Premium
Nice one, PJ, bookmarked.
PjGermain Premium
Thanks very much Harry!