Without a structure, your site will be just a collection of blog posts and pages. This structure is essential for users to navigate your site and to move from one page to the next. Google uses your site structure to determine which content is most important and which is less relevant. This guide will tell you everything you need about site structure.

What is the Importance of Site Structure?

Your website's structure is critical for its visibility as well as its usability. Many websites lack a clear structure that can help visitors find the information they need. Clear site structure is essential for SEO. Google will also be able to better understand your site. Let's have a closer look at the process.

Usability is Important

Your website's structure has a huge impact on how visitors experience your site (UX). Visitors who are unable to find the information and products they need will not be loyal customers or regular visitors. This means that you need to help visitors navigate your website. This can be achieved by having a well-designed site structure.

It should be simple to navigate. It is important to link and categorize your products and posts so that they are easily found. Visitors should instantly be able to understand what you are writing or selling.

SEO is Important

Your chances of being ranked in search engines greatly increase if you have a solid structure to your site. Three main reasons are why this is important:

  • It allows Google to "understand" your site

Google will use the structure of your website to determine where it can find the most useful content. This helps search engines to understand the purpose of your site or what you are selling.

Search engines can quickly find and index good site structures. A well-structured site should result in a better ranking on Google.

  • It stops you from competing against yourself

Blog posts can be very similar on your website. For example, if you blog a lot on SEO, you might have several blog posts that cover site structure. Each one could be a different aspect.

Google won't be in a position to determine which page is most important. You'll have to compete with your content for high rankings on Google.

To do this, you need to have a solid internal linking and taxonomy system. This will allow all pages to work together for you instead of against you.

  • It addresses changes to your website

Your shop's products will likely change over time. The content you write changes over time. As the old stock is sold out, you probably create new product lines.

You may also write new articles to make older ones redundant. Google won't show you outdated products or blog posts if your site structure has changed.

Do you have trouble setting up your website's structure? Are you unsure of the best way to link between posts? You'll soon be able to increase your ranking by designing the best site structure possible.

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Stragglewise Premium
Thanks for this, Israel. It confirms what I have been thinking for awhile now, which is that I am going to have to start streamlining/structuring things before they get out of control, haha.
But I hadn't been thinking about the SEO benefits of doing so.
Israel17 Premium
Wow, thanks for leaving a thought, Stragglewise! Structuring your site has a lot of SEO benefits. Glad it came in handy!

Israel Olatunji
favorme Premium
Isreal, this is invaluable information. Knowledge they say is power. The reason why some people rank easily while others don't is because of their knowledge of certain information like this.
Thanks for sharing.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for your words of encouragement, Favorme! Much appreciated! Yes, we need to equip ourselves with knowledge to build a successful online business. Thanks again!

Israel Olatunji
FKelso Premium
You know so much about building websites! Wish I could just add all your knowledge to my own.

What do you think of the AIO SEO plugin? I find their guidelines for making sure you have taken care of all the parts and pieces of SEO very valuable.
Israel17 Premium
Hey Fran, thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed my Site Structure tutorial! Much appreciated, my friend!

Israel Olatunji
Aussiemuso Premium
Terrific advice Israel.
It can be simple to miss making our website easy to use. Some websites are a pleasure to visit and encourage you to visit often.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

Lily 😁🎶
Israel17 Premium
That's so true, Lily. And that's why I had to come up with this training on Site Structure so everybody can know what is needed to build a good website structure for SEO and good user experience (UX). Thanks again!

Israel Olatunji