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Google and the other big search engines are becoming more advanced all the time. Search engines are constantly upgrading and rolling out new algorithms, aimed at making the user experience a better one. So it will come as no surprise to learn that one of Googles major updates was aimed at checking how easy your articles read within your posts and pages.

Whilst our primary concern should be to write content aimed at entertaining our readers and providing them with valuable information, there are several things that we can do to make the reading experience easier.

Don't just write a massive block of text!

Its been proven that you are far more likely to keep a reader on your page if you provide smaller chunks of text, rather than on big one! Text should be split up into bite sized sections, separated with subheadings, images and video.

Spelling and Grammar

Bad spelling is a big turn off for your readers, so make sure you get it right. Google now checks for poor spelling and grammar within its algorithm too. Since there are lots of "automated" tools on the internet that attempt to create content for lazy bloggers, Google aims to lower the rank of poorly written or copied content. In some cases they will even omit poor content entirely from the search results.

Keep your sentences short.

Sometimes it's just impossible to keep a sentence short! However in most cases, making just a few alterations and shortening your sentences can make your articles much easier to read. Keeping your sentences under 20 words makes it easier for the viewer.

Keep paragraphs short too!

Have you ever seen a webpage with one huge block of text and been put off by it? I know that I have, and i'm not alone! This is only one of many tiny raking factors in the eyes of the search engines, but its an important one for your human visitors. Having huge blocks of text with no images or anything to break it up is a sure way of getting your audience to leave your page.

It is worth noting that the free Yoast SEO plugin now helps with on site readability. Although it cant help with everything, it will certainly give you some good guidelines to follow whilst you are writing your posts.

Ensure that large sections of text are broken up with sub-headings and images.

Here is an example of text broken up by subheadings and images on a page explaining Site Rubix, here on Wealthy Affiliate.

In the next section we will look at one final aspect of on page SEO that could make a world of difference to you website.

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