1. Don't mind critics

Yes, never mind critics because they are liars, destroyers, haters of good work, mockers, and vision destroyers. Do you know who critics are? Are you sure you deeply understand critics and their mission as touching your progress? Do you realize that they work directly against your success knowing already that they are nothing but vision destroyers and, so, would love to add you to their category of frustrated people?

Will you ever allow critics to have their way in your overall progress? Would you allow them to steal your success away just like that?

Once you're sure you know who critics are, and you understand their mission as touching your business and overall progress, you won't ever mind them. You will ignore them in their ignorance and bad character. And you will become mentally strong.

When I first started posting at online forums, I began creating threads and I was posting replies to other people's replies frequently under my thread. Suddenly, some folks came up from nowhere and began to criticize ignorantly. Thanks to those bloggers who initially spoke about critics in their blog posts and how critics can be properly handled and easily won.

So, I implemented those strategies to manage critics and I was able to continue making progress. I continued rocking the forums and later started getting results in terms of traffic.

Even if you participate on "Question and answer" platforms like Quora, you'll come across critics. They're everywhere for your information and your progress may be hurt if you can't remember tips like these. It's their mission to hurt your progress if you would give them a chance.

You will become mentally weak once you can't handle critics wisely. And you won't make progress in all ramifications. Your attention will be caught and your concentration will be lost quickly. That is the mission of the critics.

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MKearns Premium
Practice diplomatic resistence
Donnie58 Premium
You couldn't be more timely for me on this one, Israel. I just had a critic attack today. Very encouraging post!
Donnie58 Premium
I bookmarked this one in my WA Training folder! Thanks!
Israel17 Premium
Kudos to you for the reading, my friend! Thanks to you for finding the tutorial post encouraging! Wish you much success in your online business!