Reasons You've not Been Making Sales

In as much as you're still passionate about earning from a blog, you can get things in place simply by implementing working strategies. Or have you concluded that you can't make money from a blog? Never do but if you have, then get the right mindset today and start doing. You will surely get things done for good.

Why did so many veteran bloggers keep struggling with their blogs and end up quitting? Why do some bloggers keep getting no result despite creating content daily?

There are simple tactics most bloggers ignored in the past years. And that's simply where failure comes in. Once you're not able to figure out where the problem is nor the lasting solution, you wouldn't hesitate quitting.

I heard from a blogger who quit after publishing more than 900 articles on his blog. He confirmed that he kept getting zero traffic despite the loads of content published in those years. Would you like this to happen to you in lifetime? Would you be willing to implement simple working strategies? Then let's move on together in the tutorial. And you will become successfully soonest.

I've equally heard from other struggling bloggers who refused to implement working strategies proving that it takes a very long time to start getting results. Who tells them anyone can start making money from a blog right from the first day or shortly after starting out online? But the fact about becoming a success with a blog is how well you can implement working strategies as well as building a blog on proven blogging fundamentals.

Let me state an appreciable number of reasons you've not been getting sales and conversions from your blog:

  1. Blogging out of your niche
  2. Inability to recognize who to help and sell to
  3. You stopped posting quality and helpful articles frequently
  4. Inability to show your audience a specific direction
  5. Inability to figure out trending topics
  6. Inability to figure out what readers need to overcome blogging challenges
  7. Posting boring content on your blog
  8. Introducing products you want to sell alone
  9. Inability to get the right mindset
  10. Lack of commitment to the business and your target audience.

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bpais1 Premium
These are 10 good points that you have outlined for us, Israel.

A must read for anyone wanting to achieve monetary success with their websites!

Israel17 Premium
Much impressed at your comment, my friend! Thanks to you for appreciating my training tutorial! Wish you lots of breakthroughs in your online business!
Memorylaneuk Premium
This is a really great round up f why people fail I too have some things to learn, but that is part of the process.
With Grace and Gratitude
Israel17 Premium
Thanks to you for the reading, friend! Much appreciated for finding the training useful! Wish you much success! The following might be helpful.
Traveller75 Premium
Thanks for the info, great to know.
SherwinB1 Premium
This is very helpful. Everything mentioned serves as a reminder. I took note of them so that I will always be reminded.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for reading my tutorial, friend! Kudos to you getting this as a reminder! Much appreciated! The following might be useful. Check them out too. Thanks!