3. Appreciate what you've been able to achieve so far

So, when you see critics around you or when they post their negative feedback on your threads whether on forums or on your personal blog directly criticizing your work, know that you're dealing with a vision destroyer and never mind such people at all.

Focus on your vision and be ready to become successful no matter what happens. Make sure never to let your progress get hurt no matter what comes. Disregard their messages. Never count on whatever they had to say against you.

Have you achieved something in life at all? Start appreciating yourself for the achievements made so far in life and reawaken your consciousness to the vision and mission ahead.

Make sure never to underrate your personal achievements. Get courage and be glad about that everyday to fight critics and to maintain your mental strength.

4. Believe in yourself and focus on your vision

Do you still have a vision? Do you believe in your vision and you strongly believe that you can get there with time, right? Never relent in that focus. The road is sure and you can be rest assured that once you believe in yourself, you will become successful. There is no barrier to success so far you are ready.

Never forget to remind yourself that your vision must be accomplished. Keep telling yourself daily that your vision must never die. So, there wouldn't be any room for critics and their provocations to attack your progress anymore..

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MKearns Premium
Practice diplomatic resistence
Donnie58 Premium
You couldn't be more timely for me on this one, Israel. I just had a critic attack today. Very encouraging post!
Donnie58 Premium
I bookmarked this one in my WA Training folder! Thanks!
Israel17 Premium
Kudos to you for the reading, my friend! Thanks to you for finding the tutorial post encouraging! Wish you much success in your online business!