Preventing Criticism From Hurting Your Strength Mentally

Sometimes, I got provoked by critics and would feel like reacting harshly. I always saw how such situations affected my emotional feelings. Once I responded or reacted, it eventually affected my strength mentally.

Later, I began to adjust myself and learned how to manage criticisms and provocations. I'm still not perfect yet though, I keep trying to manage critics and I make sure to condone critics no matter how frustrating they are. Since I began trying that, I've begun to witness better strength within me.

Going by what I experienced in the past, I could discover that people are in different categories.Some expect other people's failure while others do all in their capacity to help people around them succeed.

Not all human beings are good. And not all are evil. But expect to get positive or negative feedback from the people. Know that there are critics everywhere looking for your downfall especially in the course of blogging.

When you're mentally strong, you'll continue to make progress. But the moment you allow critics to distract your attention or provoke you, you'll become mentally weak and things will not progress anymore. It's going to arrest/attack your overall attention and concentration and you won't be able to plan well any longer.

Below are suggested ways in which you can maintain your mental strength despite all criticisms and provocations. I called these suggested ways because some people might not accept them as they are:

  1. Don't mind critics
  2. Disallow distractions
  3. Appreciate what you've been able to achieve so far
  4. Believe in yourself and focus on your vision

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JamesHarvey1 Premium
Hi Israel.
That is an excellent post. Much of it applies
to me.
Thanks for giving me some breathing. room.
MKearns Premium
Practice diplomatic resistence