Clear History from the browser by clicking on the clear recent history on browser menu.

I checked the following

  • Browsing and downloading history
  • Form and search
  • cookies
  • cache

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MarionBlack Premium
Well done Mayury, you've researched this well to cover Windows, Mac and Linux. Kudos. ~Marion
ChrisBL Premium
Thanks Mayuri i have a problem which sounds similar, and support told me the same thing, but it didn't cure my issue, so much i don't even know the problem anymore.
TheOldSilly Premium
Nicely done. I've never had to go through all these steps. I've had this problem 3 times, but always emptying my cookies and caches, then a reboot solved the problem.

But I'm bookmarking this training, in case I have to go the extra mile(s) like you did, thanks a bunch!
Loes Premium
Thanks, I had this problem months ago after installing the CKeditor, I have now a test website, where I have installed the Tiny MCE advanced, and I use it there to create all kind of stuff, then I just copy my creations to my real website, that works terrific:)
Jim-Bo Premium
cool trick Loes!
Loes Premium
Works like a charm:)
ar20746 Premium
Thank you for expert advice. Joze.