Pay attention to this, it's the most important part to learn from the others.

Why I think that this approach is easier is the fact that NOW you can do you research with something in mind.
You have a product, a market, a niche etc., you have something to start with. All you need to research now are
3 things

1 - How are the clients in this niche. Their needs, desires, problems scaled in priorities etc. - Go to FORUMS for that where one of the best is , or check out Yahoo! Answers

2 - How are the websites in the niche, what they offer exactly and how (only the top seller product or in a
review style with several options, site design, with bonus, opt in or not etc.) Go to Google for that and
subscribe to the list of the top sites. LEARN from them.

3 - How is the OFF PAGE SEO from those sites, meaning how many back-links they have. This is important for you to
get a idea if you have a chance to get onto the first page in Google or not. Use Yahoo! Site Explorer for this;_ylt=An5xy_BSdiWtsvYOzCkY7_bbl8kF
See what pages link to those sites and try to get a link from there as well. Link building to your site is very
important if you would like to get ranked with the page for Free traffic. While Article marketing is great to
get you a back link and Free traffic over a shorter time, a great page on Google's first page which sticks there
will get you permanent free traffic. This is NOT THAT IMPORTANT if you will use PPC only for fast traffic.

Here I have to be very honest with you. For organic traffic and a good conversion you have to be AT LEAST as
good as they are to make sales, but as you have the option to copy most of what they do (stealing ideas is
legal, content not of course) it's rather easy to "build" a site which is already accepted and proven by the
visitors. Most niches do have a pattern in site design, so don't break this if you find that pattern, unless
you would hear from the clients that they miss XYZ in the sites or that they don't like the actual pattern.

If you got a idea over your research which can make your site and your offer even better then your competitors
- GREAT - use it immediately as this can bring you additional visitors from places you even didn't imagined as
visitors will recommend your site to others.

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