This tutorial is not made to cover this here in details, but I cover some basics about :

Simply the most important item, you can lack in any other parts, but without traffic there are no sales - there is no way around this.

I would talk about a very important point, which for me is a little bit under developed here in WA. It's SEO.
Get the free "SEO MADE EASY" guide from Brad Called (if you like you can get a copy here at ) and read it to understand WHAT SEO is and how you
should use it to your advantage.
You will get confronted with SEO all the times as IM, such as indexing ANY page or Article, Squidoo
Lens, Hub page etc., and even the quality score in Google will be better if you understand SEO.

Covering this, you know that there is Free or paid Traffic - Bum marketing or PPC in a short version.

Here I would like that you take a very good look into COPY WRITING, and TRACKING and TWEAKING. In WA
you get good tutorials about the importance of Headlines, sub headlines, grammar, spelling errors and so on. Try to be here as detailed and professional as possible, then the others (your competitors) are not sleeping so guess who is making the sales.

Even the slightest changes in your Headline, even in color, will make a huge difference. GO AFTER THE POSTS FROM C., our member which knows best how to handle Copy, Tracking and Tweaking. ABSOLUTELY A MUST FOR ANYONE WHO IS TRYING TO GET TRAFFIC OVER PPC.

This shouldn't be anything new to you. GET A LIST FOLKS. If you are running your business without collection emails you are A= a hobby IM which don't take it serious and maybe leave soon, or B= naive to believe that you can make enough money with a sales page only.

Well B might even be possible, but if you understand the power of a mailing list you never will do anything without it. EVER.
While you invest in Traffic time or money or both, you have about a 4% chance to make a sale IF your sales page is well done. That means you need 100 visitors to get 4 sales. In case you earn the minimum level commission we recommend here, $20, you made $80 in gross commissions with those 100 visits.
I think you should not risk more then 50% from your commission for PPC to get traffic over AdWords or Yahoo!,
so each click in this example may cost you MAX. 0.40 cts. ??!!

But If you have a list my friend, you can make this earnings multiply by x3. Example: a good bonus or killer report will give you 40% opt in rate, or 40 on your list with each 100 visitors (difficult to calculate), and if you provide valuable content, related to what you offered, you can sell not only the initially offered article from your sales page, you can offer Specials (OTO) give freebies, offer Leads, can offer a other list of yours for a different topic and so on.
Possibilities are endless and the dollar you spend to GET this Opt in is very well invested.


Ah, and use AWeber right from the start. It's not worth to play around with list building over a cheap service as you can't transfer leads for A to B. if you discover after a while that AWeber is the #1.

Enough about this now, I think you got it.

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