It's said several times and I like to repeat it here again. The BEST that you can
do as new Internet Marketer is -

Follow someone who has a proven track record, listen to what he says and copy what he is doing
(Like K&C in Wealthy Affiliates, all resources here are fruits of their experience).

AND - use great products which already sell, then get yourself in front of the buyers and you
will make sales.

Only on very few occasions is it good to think that you have to do something totally
different, or to write a new book about something never seen before. This will work well AFTER you
have a brand name in that segment, and a great list.

Like with everything else you have to cover 3 main targets

Traffic - Conversation - Added Value

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Thanks, your article quite amazing.It reviewed many things we often forget.
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Hi Arthur, thanks for this. Can you recommend any good article websites? Olive
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Thanks this has been very useful.
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This is really helpful. Thank you!
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This is really helpful. Thank you!