By now you really should have all the parts together in respect to your site, your offer, your email marketing
etc.. you basically should have now a similar site to the top indexed ones in your segment/niche, with a better
offer or a better review or a better bonus etc.

You have your MONEY SITE ready to receive traffic, get opt ins and to make you sales.

I can't think of any better resource for free traffic as the Bum Marketing method from Travis. Suck this in
and use it building SATELITE Pages/Articles around your "money site", linking from one to a other, and ALL TO
the "money site". The Bum Marketing Method has again a lot to do with SEO as the long tail keywords which Travis
explains are related to the ones you have used in your website copy. The Search Engines are programs which work
in the same way to index a article or a website. The difference is that some Article directories or sites like
Ezine or Squidoo do have a certain "bonus" at Google and rank much faster then your brand new domain and site.

Then I would HIGHLY recommend to OUTSOURCE article marketing after you have your Conversion rate under control,
as you can't get a cheaper way to make sales as over a well written $5.- article. In fact I'm amazed that there
are folks which write great unique article for $5.- as they might not know the value this article can create.
I got the conclusion that a great article writer must be a lousy IM, otherwise he would write only for his own
business and cash in with a article much more then $5.- he is selling it. Even $10.- is cheap for a great, unique
article as yo can spin it in Rapid Writer and get 5 additional versions for Free.

Forum Marketing is great, but very time consuming. To establish yourself as a Authority takes time and advertising
anything is immediately quoted as spam. What worked best for me was posting something in a Member Recommended Area
explaining really in detail what this is good for (perfect if you used it) and then link to it over your signature
to this post. So you can talk about this in answers without to spam the posts. In fact this is how I have done my
post about the ebooks from Chris Rempel, which are the base of this tutorial here and which explains all this in
details, in fact much better then I did. Those reports are cheap and full of valuable tips for who liked my simple
tutorial here.

Check out my post to see more about Chris Rempel

Do NOT join any traffic exchange, or purchase traffic in any grey or black hat place. Google absolutely hate
this and you anyhow will get a lousy quality traffic which won't convert. And if you will get banned in Google you
are out of business.

This is the fastest way to get traffic, and if you know how to do it right, targeted traffic. If you use the same
money keywords I showed you to find your niche, you can get traffic from buyers in minutes. But I'm not very good
at PPC (I assumed this already several times in the Forum) so you have to go over some special tutorials about getting
this straight.

Social Sites like MySpace, Facebook etc.
Same here. Look out for Ryan Moran as he is the perfect guy to get you all the information you need to make the best
traffic generator in those places.

For your own Squidoo Lenses I think It's not new that you always should get a RSS feed, ping all after a change, and
bookmark them over stumbleupon, digg,, social bookmarker etc.. This is as well not targeted traffic, but
Free and white hat, so no problem for Google. And the more traffic the more importance you get at Google.

I hope this could help some folks to Start a project. Many folks here are trapped in the niche research phase and can't
find their golden goose. I have been there too.

But after I started with this approach, the REVERSE NICHE SELECTION - it finally make CLICK.

There is NO GUARANTEE that this will work for you as well, or that you will earn more money (some kind of a earnings
disclaimer I guess).

There are thousands of ways in IM to make money, all are valid. You ultimately have to find the way which fit's best
to you.

Good Luck


P.S. Sorry for my grammar and spell errors, a good example how you NOT build a sales page. But I wrote this down in about 20 minutes and I hope it pass your quality requirements.

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