It maybe sucks to make this but you really have to set a clear goal about how much money you would like to
generate. This is really not very complicated and is done in a few short steps.

What is the commission per sale for the main product you will offer ? Let's say it's $35.-.

So if you like to make $2000 in PROFIT each month, and you would use only Free traffic methods like Article
Marketing, then you need to sell 57 units per month, let's say 60 as you might have to pay some fees as
in Clickbank. So 60 sales per month are 2 sales per day. If you follow all what I showed you here and
you get all the dot's together, you need only 50 visitors to your site per day. This means that you can
work in a ultra targeted niche with very little traffic, and if you add an opt in list to this, increasing
your chance to sell to each visitor something, or at least to get a LEAD commission to 1,50 for each visitor
you can almost NOT GO WRONG with this strategy

The Plan is writing down your goals, and the way you will achieve them. Only if you have such a plan you can
control if you accomplish it or not, and can change some details to improve your results. Once again here,
if you use PPC this here is even much more important as you have to monitor your process all the time, so
you need to know, or have to plan, what "should" happen in each step of your campaign.

Going back to my example above. In case you are not achieving this results you have to start to check out
what's wrong and adjust ONE DETAIL AT A TIME. NEVER make huge changes, principally as we build all based
on proven examples, so maybe you have only a tiny problem somewhere and have to adjust only 1 thing. Go
over your page and analyze it well. The HEADLINE is the first thing you should check out, then the sub headline,
the highlighted text copy, the links, the copy in total, the opt in position, the bonus offer - all this can
be adjusted, but not all at once.

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