Man, this is now really the easiest task EVER, much faster and simpler in my point of view then "Finding
the niche" first. Just look at Clickbank stats in ANY category and check out the first spots, those are
the best sold products at the moment. Or go in the so many times mentioned eBay store and check out WHAT
sells. I as well would recommend the AMAZON stores, the PAYPAL stores, and a little know place called
Yahoo! Directory where the sites which advertise there pay $300 a year to list there. The Y! directory
is more to cover your research to see if there are url's advertising or not.


Absolutely great is of course if you combine all this with your personal knowledge about the segment you
wish to work in. This as your communication with your list has to be on a professional level, where you
can answer as well questions to your clients. I highly recommend to get knowledge about what you offer
and the respective segment if you wish to do this over the long haul (what I guess is why you
are here at WA).

But this example above, to look out for products which already sell, doesn't include only digital products.
You can do this for Hardware, remedies, diet products, car parts, etc. ANYTHING. In fact many markets
outside the digital sphere do have much less competition and are easier to target.

So now you should have found at the same time a "market", and a "product or products" you can offer, so
what you miss is - Research THIS 2 things to find your niche inside this segments.

The benefit to offer well known products is clear. People already know them, have heard off, got a
recommendation from a friend etc., so if you are in front of a buyer with the right keywords with a
product he already knows somehow, your chances to sell it just increased about 50% then if you offer any
new born secret product nobody knows. People don't like to be a a lab rat, they like proven articles,
that's why all big name corporations do spend millions for BRANDING - to get recognized.

First I do get my Keywords set. Simply use the product name from what you offer and add "money" works like
-how to use
-manual for
-review of
-download (if it's a digital product)
-best price of
-buy or purchase

you see where I go here ? By adding those or similar keywords to your product name you KNOW is selling well
you get automatically your niche, and your long tail keywords you should use for your sites etc.

You have to research this with the new "Google Keyword Tool" which shows you search volume by month to get
a clear idea what really is the best niche (keyword) in your case. But you will find this out in a fly, I'm sure.
See the KW tool here

TIP : With PPC you can go for higher competition if your commission is great. Do the math before what
you can spend per click in a niche. Pick out one of the top 5 url's which has NO ADS running, and write
a ad for it in your AdWords account. Run a short campaign linking TO THIS URL, to see what click value you can
get with a top SEO page in this niche. This will cost you a few bucks, but is a great indicator for you if you
should go with PPC or not, and HOW your page should LOOK LIKE SEO wise.

And then a second tip: You have 2 markets. The short and the long living one. Short living are markets for folks
which buy once a product and then they are satisfied (ring-tones, movie download, stop smoking etc.), or event
marketing (soccer championship, Olympics etc.) or similar. This market can have a huge traffic and is sometimes
easier to target, but as it states it's not for the long term IM approach.

The long term markets have a tougher competition, but if you can establish yourself in such a segment, you will
experience a steady grow of new opt ins and clients, and good sales. This market requires that you become a

Most probably your attempts are in the first market, as it's faster and for newer marketers easier to start with.

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