Three Things You Need To Do

Decide which website you are going to work on. It can be a fairly new website or an existing one. Whichever it is, you have to pick on one to work on during your working hours. What you do after you have completed your work for the day is up to you. It can be a site that promotes Wealthy Affiliate or a niche site. The principals are the same.

You have to decide how many hours you will work

Set a schedule of what days of the week you will work and when during the day. You are hiring yourself to work part-time with a set schedule.

No matter when you find this first video you can start working through the training at any time. If you are committing to 20 hours then private message me when you start at

to let me know what your intentions are.

Onward and Upward

Tasks 0/4 completed
1. Decide which website
2. Decide how many hours
3. Decide When you are going to work
4. If you are committed to doing this send me a private message

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kmer6 Premium
I would like to commit to this Go-Getters Mentor program. I hope I'm not too late. I'll pm you with more details.
Thank you,
botipton Premium
You are in
Newmayberry Premium
I am looking forward to this training and I am 100% committed!
I sent a PM.
Thank you for doing this!

botipton Premium
Glad you are ready to go. It will be good
MeganW Premium
Thank you Bo. I am committed to this for the next year and have sent you a PM. I will work hard and follow your training. Thank you so much for setting this up for us.

botipton Premium
Glad to hear that Megan and I look forward to working with you
Luxxn1 Premium
Thank you this is something that I will check out.
botipton Premium
ColleenF1 Premium
Thank you! I will check this out!
botipton Premium
Good glad to hear that