Getting rolling – Lesson 1

Task 1: Walk Through Video (00:00)

Kyle here from Wealth Affiliate.

I’m going to give you a quick tour of the Starter Membership and explain what it is and what it includes and walk you through some of the elements : training, website, bootcamp and the different waysyou can get support .

Getting Started Course

Start Building Your Business Now! (00:36)

So here I am on the Getting Started Page.You can access this from the Getting Started within the ‘Getting Started menu.Anytime you want to come back to this page and get an overview you can click here on the menu

As you can see as I scroll down – you can see it gives you an overview of all the lessons that are included in this training.

Basically what we want to do is help you get your business up and running and within 10 lessons here.It covers everything from

  • Choosing a niche
  • Building your own website
  • Activating some plugins
  • Getting your site ready for the search engines
  • Creating content that will rank on your site

It walks you through the entire process of getting your foundation and your business up and running online. No experience necessary.

If I scroll down here, you can see some of the course benefits and learning outcomes

And then you will see a ton of member of reviews that have taken this course and really love it.

To get into the course you simply click the view lesson 1 here and this is going to take you directly into the training – Lesson 1.

You can do this at your own pace, there’s no rush but the quicker you do it the quicker you will get your website built.

At the bottom at each lesson you will have tasks.Make sure that you complete these tasks.If you just go on from lesson to lesson you’re not really going to accomplish anything. A lot of people get to the end and say they haven’t really accomplished anything.That’s because they haven’t completed the tasks,The tasks are there for a reason and that’s how they’re going to help you get your site up and running.

Make sure you complete all the tasks.Once you have checked them off, you can go onto the next lesson.

So there are 10 lessons in this Getting Started Course and it’s all excellent material and it’s going to be quite revelationary in terms of the direction and getting you going in the right direction online.

So that’s the Getting Started course – if you have any questions as you’re working through the course you will see– at the bottom here there’s a question here so you can simply pose the questions here and you will get responses – often within a couple of minutes.

We’re going to begetting into the support aspect of Wealthy Affiliate next

Real Access to Real Experts (03:34)

Support is absolutely everywhere within Wealthy Affiliate .As a starter member you have many different channels for which you can leverage for support. This is connecting you with experts within the community.I’m going to walk you through the different places you can get support.

I briefly covered the bottom of any tutorial or training. At the end of any tutorial or training there is a question box or discussion box and you can leave your comments within there or ask any questions relating to anything you need help with.

At the bottom- it says you have access to support for 7 days. So as a starter member for the first 7 days you have access to the premium support within the community and I’m going to get into the aspects of the premium support right now.

So if I head over to the dashboard you’re going to see over to the right here, there’s a Live Chat going on.You can actually ask questions to any of those senior members of Wealthy Affiliate live. So if you have any questions about, getting your niche, or your website or whatever you want. Just pop in and say "Hi". Everyone is very friendly. Don’t worry about jumping in, in the middle of a conversation just come in and say hi and ask your questions and you will get lots of help there.

Also you will see on going global activity. You can join in on any of these conversations.This is activity taking place within the community right now and this is people blogging, or creating discussions. creating training within Wealthy Affiliate.You can see this is a very active community. There are tens of thousands of members within Wealthy Affiliate and there’s lots going on at any one time. Feel free to jump in on any of these conversations if you want to get involved.

It’s a good idea to get involved and immerse yourself in the community because you will meet alot of great people here and create a great network of people .

At the top you are also going to notice on any page you’re on there’s a ‘what are you looking for box. ‘ You can type in anything you want here. We have a policy here at Wealthy Affiliate that you can get help with absolutely anything. Even as a starter member

If you have a question about a niche.How do I find a profitable niche.Here you will see – not only training here at the top – two resources here. One is by me – ones a video and ones a tutorial and there’s a lot of discussion going on now regarding this topic I typed in.You can join in any of these conversations on Wealthy Affiliate, but if you don’t find an answer to your question, simply fill in these details below.How do I find a profitable niche and add a bit of a description and then you can add it to the Getting started classroom and you’re going to create a discussion and a way you go.

After you have created this discussion it’s going to go onto the dashboard here and everyone within the community’s going to see the discussion and are going to help you out with that.It’s awesome.So you’re going to get premium help within the first 7 days of your membership.You don’t lose access to Wealthy Affiliate after this period but you do get the premium support and help only within these first 7 days.

If you want to connect with me simply type Kyle into the search bar and click on my name and you’re going to see that lots of people ask me for help and I’m more than willing to help you out.So if you have a question and it doesn’t get answered, feel free to leave a question on my profile or you can do the same on Carson’s profile.We will be more than happy to help you out and get you moving in the right direction.So that’s the lines of support you have access to here within the community- as you can see there are many different ways in which you can get help and get your questions answered.

Do I need a website? (8:22)

In this day and age you absolutely need a website to generate any sort of success online.Honestly the goal here is to create a sustainable long term business and in order to do this you’re going to need a website to build your foundation.So in the first course here – this is the first course of several courses – but this is your foundation builder – this is going to get your website, it’s going to get you up and running online, it’s going to get you content. In Lesson 4 here you’re going to see you can build your own website.That’s the lesson in which you’re going to build your website.So within four lessons you’re going to up and running with your own website using our state of the art website builder within Wealthy Affiliate.

You’re going to be able to build a website within any niche you want in fact we give you two l world class websites free within the starter membership so you will see over here within your menu, ‘Build my website button’ – so you simply click that and this is going to take you to the website builder.

There are some other features here which are within the Premium Membership that you don’t have access to but that’s fine, wit in the community you can host your own domain, you get 24 hours support, email and a bunch of other stuff here but within the starter membership you can get access to the free domains.

You can create a free domain on any topic you want and the getting started course is going to be walking you into your own niche and helping you chose a niche and if you don’t have a niche we’re going to be helping you out with that so don’t worry.This is full hosted and fully included in your starter membership and it’s not costing you a thing.This is awesome.This is going to get you up and running and this isfully scaleable website which you can create, put all products and services on and pretty much do whatever you like with.So pretty awesome stuff here.

What is this “Bootcamp” thing? (10:45)

Maybe you’re asking what is this affiliate bootcamp menu thing over here.This is an entirely different separate course from the getting started but it kind of coincides with it. because Within the getting started on lesson 3 you’re going to be choosing a niche.If you don’t have a niche, we’re going to direct you over to the bootcamp because we have preselected a niche for you which is going to be the internet marketing niche.So if you don’t have a niche that you’re interested in and you don’t want o create your gardening website, or your tennis website or your weight loss website then we will choose the niche for you and we have some amazing training over in the affiliate bootcamp here and this is ten lessons as well and includes a full video training within each lesson.So this is awesome stuff over here. But my recommendation is not to do both at the same time. Do one or the other and this is dependent upon the niche you choose.So I just wanted to clarify what the affiliate bootcamp so you didn’t have any confusion over this aspect of Wealthy Affiliate.

Where are all the activity takes place (12:03)

I just wanted to show you the dashboard again and some of the bells and whistles on the dashboard. And walk you through the tabs at the top.To access the dashboard simply click ‘dashboard’ here and it’s going to take you to the chat area and give you access to the global activity along with a few other things.

Personal -- these are the people you’re following within wealthy affiliate.So if I wanted to follow anyone within wealthy affiliate I could simply click the follow me button.This is a good idea.If you find something you find interesting click follow me and it’s going to follow this individual and all their activity and it’s going to be added to your personal feed up here.

Top Ten Notifications -this is the top ten items within Wealthy Affiliate in relation to blog posts. Everyone has their own blog here within Wealthy Affiliate and the actual training as well.

I also wanted to mention up here within the top menu you’re going to see quick access menu and you can create your own blog posts within Wealthy Affiliate as well.I mentioned you can create discussions here.Blog posts are more like, personal story and your path to success and you can blog about that type of thing.

And up here as well you can build your own website – so I just wanted to mention that as an aside.

And notifications. If you leave a comment anywhere within the system – you create a discussion, or create a blog post and someone commented on it, or replied to your comment you’re going to get a notification about that and you’re going to be able to respond to them..If I leave you a message it’s going to come up with something like this. It’s going to say Kyle left a message on your WA profile and you’re likely to see that as I usually get in touch with everyone when they join Wealthy Affiliate.So yes that’s your dashboard.

Classrooms – you do have access to the getting started classroom.I don’t want to say too much about it or it may act as a distraction as you’re getting going, but you do have access to this classroom as well, which includes a lot of different training, but again you can find a ton of training.There’s over 1000 training modules that you have access to within the search bar here and even more, quite a lot more actually within the Premium Membership but I will be getting into that as well.

So this is your dashboard and I just wanted to cover it one more time so you can kind of get a grasp on the overall environment here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium: (15:02)

I’ve given you a pretty good overview of what is included in your starter membership.I think you’re really going to enjoy your experience here at Wealthy Affiliate andmake sure you do spend some time connecting with others, asking questions and getting help, because that’s what the community is there for and it thrives on help. You will get a lot of help if you ask for it.

I just wanted to mention the Premium membership at WA.You are not obligated to become a Premium Member, but if you want a lot more access to the community, the tools and other services and more websites and more training and live classes.

There’s a lot of things included in Premium Membership.Over here you can upgrade to Premium up here and up here and that’s going to take you toa page which explains exactly what the Premium Membership is and what’s included and when you do become premium there’s an entirely different menu and you’re going to have a bunch new of training resources , tools and all sorts of stuff over here.

So there is a Premium membership.If you join within the first 7 days at Wealthy Affiliate we do give you a 59% discount on your first month, which is $19 and the regular price going forward is $47 a month which is an excellent deal considering everything that is included in the Premium Membership, but by all means make use of your starter membership.You can make huge headway.You can get your business up and running within starter and as you can say there is a lot included.

That is basically my walk through of Wealthy Affiliate.Hope you’ve enjoyed it and I hope it is clear.If you have any questions there is a comment area below this video , I will be more than happy to get back to you.

It is great to have you here at Wealthy Affiliate .we do look forward to working with you and we hope that you enjoy the community here at WA.Thanks a lot.

One last thing: Have Fun

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