Getting Your Site Ready For SEO

Lesson 6

First off, I want to congratulate everyone that has made it this far. You now have your niche chosen, you have a website, and you have it set up. That is awesome and that is your framework and foundation, um, for success online is having this framework and foundation in place.

Um, in this lesson, um, I'm going to be discussing search engine optimization and this a tricky word for a lot of people and I want to explain exactly what it is first and, and how it operates.

Before I get into some of the optimization tasks that we are going to be doing today, including setting up a wordpress plugin that helps you optimize your website for Google and other search engines.

So here I am within Google and this is the most popular search engine in the world. Uh, uh, they own over 95 percent of the mobile search traffic and around 65 give a take a few percent of the overall, uh, desktop and laptop and normal search traffic

Uh, so it's a big deal to get ranked in Google and you are going to see the most traffic, um, if you can get ranked in Google. So that's why we make our main focus getting ranked, uh, within this particular search engine.

There's also and, uh, which the optimization techniques are going to work for as well.

So basically, uh, my website is,, sorry. I just want to show you an example of an optimized site. So I've typed in the search term "how to lose belly fat fast" and this is a search term that people type into google.

And we're going to be getting into, uh, uh, more of the keyword research in the next lesson, but, uh, it's definitely a term that gets searched in Google and these top sites here are the top ranked sites in all of google.

And ideally as a marketer and as an SEO person, you want to get one of the first three rankings here. And, uh, at least be on the first page in order to see any traffic from your, from your content and your optimization.

So, you are going to be, uh, working on getting your website optimized so not only it gets ranked under the initial search term, but also all the content that you create for your website going forward is going to be able to rank in Google and we're going to be helping you out with that.

It's actually not that difficult once you learn the process and, and how to do it. Uh, but a lot of people tend to overthink the process and a lot of times over-optimize and use poor techniques like backlinks and a lot of social bookmarking and things like that, that can really have an adverse impact on your rankings.

So, we're going to be getting into the actual setup process of your wordpress plugin. It's called "All in one SEO" and that's going to help you get your code, code optimized, uh, for the search engine. Then I'm going to be explaining a bit more about SEO and some of the more finite details of how websites actually get ranked.

Getting All In One SEO Setup (3:38)

Here I am within the WordPress dashboard and what we're going to be doing is we're going to be headed over here to the "ALL in One SEO" tab. Um, we've already activated this in the last task. So, this is where we are going to be going to manage the pluging within the general settings and setting it up.

I just wanted to reiterate how you get to your website admin area. So within the "Build My Website" tab you'll click that and then within your actual website, you may have more than one if you've created a few, but for the particular website that you want to login to click the "Details" and it will be the "Administration Page" that you want to visit. So you'll click that and then enter your username and password and then that's going to take you into the dashboard area. So I just wanted to get that out of the way first before we get into, um, the actual setup.

So, now that I'm in here I'm going to head over to "General Settings" and this is actually quite easy to setup and I don't want you to overthink this. What is happening with this particular plugin is it's optimizing our code which is working for us behind the scenes and optimizing for what, what are called meta tags behind the scenes.

So we're never going to see this optimization, it's happening within the code making it friendly for Google and the other search engines when they pick up our actual content. So I don't want you to wonder what this is doing and when you're going to see the results from this because it's working behind the scenes for you and it's just going to take care of the actual optimization of the code of your website. So don't be discouraged if you don't see anything because you won't see anything. Ok?

Uh, I just wanted to get that out of the way. So when I'm in here what I am going to do is, what I want to do is create a homepage, uh, title, description and if you want a few keywords. And this is going to be the title and description that our website gets ranked under when it gets ranked in Google.

So, I'll just give you a quick example. Uh, this website's title here for this particular page is "6 Ways to Burn Your Belly Fat Fast" and that is the title of the page. So, that's, you can think of that as being the exact same thing as this. So when your website gets indexed into Google, um, that's, that will be the root of your website, um, in respect to the title.

The description is going to be right here. This is the actual description, uh, for this particular page. We're going to be doing ours for our homepage of our website. And then you can see the same thing for the rest of the websites here.

So, uh, I hope that adds a little bit of clarity as to what these settings are for. Um, and we only have to update the home title and description. All of the other pages are going to be taken care of, uh, that we create because this tool actually, it actually automates the rest of the pages you create. It will create the title and description for you automatically. So we only have to do this once and then we're never, ever going to have to revisit this tool again which is, which is quite powerful and it does a lot of work for us.

So, what I'm going to do is, uh, I'm going to, I'm going to create my home title "How To Lose Belly Fat Fast -". This is just the title of my website so far, I can add an extra snippet to make it more engaging and to make more people click on it if they see it.

Uh, that's just uh, this is temporary for me right now. I'll probably go back and change it. You can spend some time coming up with a title and description. Basically, what you want to do is create something that is engaging to your, your potential visitors.

So, remember it's going to show up in Google. So sees your, your uh, website title and description you want them to say "Hey that's interesting, I want to click that" and if you can accomplish that you're going to get a higher click through rate which is going to mean more traffic to your site.

So then I'm going to go through and do the description. Uh, I'll just quickly type something here, and again you can change this anytime by going into the settings.

***Silence while Kyle is typing: "Are you looking to shed some fat from your stomach and your waistline. You do not need to look any further as we can help."

So, that's the description "Are you looking to shed some fat from your stomach and your waistline. You do not need to look any further as we can help." Uh, so that's my initial description. Again I might go in and change that. And then for keywords, uh, you don't really need to do these. Uh, you can put one or two. I'm just going to do one.

Uh you know people spend too much time on this and if you put too many keywords, it's actually going to be bad for your website rankings. So I'd just one or two here that are relevant to your actual domain name and then your fine.

So, uh, and then moving down here you can leave the rest of this the same. Uh, you can, this is an option, you can change these "pipes", the upward bars here to dashes. That's my personal preference, I'll show you what this means, uh, in terms of how your, uh, how your titles look when they get ranked.

So I've changed them from pipes to dashes and I'll show you what I mean by this. Here's an example of a "dashed" website. I prefer that look, and here's an example of a pipe. So it works out well that I did this search because there is an example of both here. I prefer the, the dash look versus the pipe. It's a personal preference and you can actually just leave everything, uh, as default if you'd like.

So, uh, and then I'm just going to go down, and uh, I'm going to "Update Options" here. And then that is it. My uh, my website setup is optimized and, uh, again you can change these if you want down the road, but you're not going to see these changes until it gets indexed in Google and at which time you're actually going to see your home title and description. And you won't be indexed just yet because it does take sometimes up to a week or more to get ranked. And we're going to be helping you expedite that process as well.

So, that's the setup process for the "All in one SEO" and before I leave you today, I just want to quickly discuss some more SEO, uh, information and kind of get you headed in the right direction because a lot of people really fail because of the way they approach SEO and the way they look at it and a lot of the time because of misinformation that has been given to them in the past.

Your Journey to Google Rankings Starts NOW!(11:19)

So your journey into SEO starts now. You have the core of your website down. You have your All in one plugin setup and this is going to optimize your website for Google and our next natural step is going to be building out the content within our websites. Content is what is going to lead to your rankings in Google and quality content. Quality, unique content, uh, there really is no science to getting rankings. There is a process that works over and over again and it centers around creating quality content.

So, um, we're going to be getting into that in the next couple of steps here and we're also going to be covering, uh keywords, which are going to help you get ranked under particular keywords which will help get you traffic.

Initially, uh, your goal with your website is going to be creating content and getting that initial traffic. Once you have traffic you are going to be able to make a lot of money from your website, uh, but it's a matter of putting the cart before the horse here, and, uh, getting everything set up properly for getting ranked, getting your rankings, and then incorporating your promotions. Cause there's a lot of different ways that you can earn money through your website, uh, once you're getting that traffic and once you have that content base.

So, as we move forward, uh, we're going to be getting your site ranked into google and we're going to be, umm, optimizing it and building out content. I'm going to be showing you the most effective techniques on how to do so, umm, but I do want you to refrain from trying any crazy techniques to get ranked in Google because there's a lot of misinformation out there, there's a lot of people teaching things like backlinks and content spinning and that sort of thing which is absolutely going to kill your chances of getting ranked into google.

So I just wanted to forewarn you of going off and trying to, umm, you know, throw things like that at your website because it's only going to hurt you in the short- and long-term.

So we're going to be getting into some awesome stuff in the upcoming lessons and we're going to be getting your website ranked into google, we're going to be getting it indexed, and then from there we're going to be creating content, getting traffic, and starting to, uh, build the revenue streams coming into your site.

So, it's exciting stuff ahead and if you've made it this far you've, you've really done quite well, and, uh, you have a lot to look forward to.

So if you have questions about any of the content within the video, any SEO questions, any questions about all in one SEO, I'd be more than happy to help you out. Simply leave a comment below or a question, and I'll get right back to you. Thanks a lot.

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